How to Create a Link for Instagram Bio

How to Create a Link for Instagram Bio – This often makes it unattractive to those who have copied the link on the site but it turns out to be too long. This way it’s not too long and you can make it shorter. The Spotify app offers various benefits, especially for those who can pay but prefer promotions. Good for those of you who are still students or your family.

This song streaming application has complete song access and is easy to use. Spotify is a platform that you can use to listen to music. This way, the Spotify link won’t be too long and can help you share the link with your friends or social media followers.

There are several websites that offer URL shortening services. One of them is, or others. These sites can be used to shorten links, such as spotify links, Google Drive links, etc.

Spotify links that are too long are actually not a problem, but if you pay attention, links that are too long make our Instagram bio look unattractive and too full, so it is not pleasing to the eye. Especially for those who like neat and cool things, they must know a powerful way or trick so that the spotify link doesn’t take too long.

How to Create a Link for Instagram Bio

1. Please copy your spotify profile / album link first

2. Open login using gmail/fb

How to Create a Link for Instagram Bio

3. Click create first at the top

4. Paste your spotify link, click create and it will become

5. Done

Well, for those who don’t understand, the link itself is a connection from one source to another. So a link is not the same as a URL.

If the URL is the address of the site that takes you to that site. While a link is a link from one site to another. Our friends will easily find your favorite song by pasting the link into your Instagram bio, and if you click on it, it will be directly linked to that song.


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