How to Create a Mind Map in Canva


Mind Mapping is an organizational thinking tool that makes it easier for a person to place various information in his memory, then retrieve the information whenever he needs it. A technique of making notes to help someone use the full potential of the brain so that it is optimal. The trick, combining the work of the left and right brain. This method makes it easier to enter information from inside the brain.

With the concept of Mind Mapping, our memory is also stronger because we understand the relationship between concepts. For example, you learn about the C++ Programming Language which definitely has some material that can be used as a Mind Map. If you make a discussion about the C++ Programming Language, then you can load the Mind Map concept for materials related to the C++ Programming Language which includes history, usage, work systems, supporting libraries, case studies, and so on.

The author provides a tutorial for creating a Mind Map using Canva. This is suitable for those of you who work as mentors or instructors to create concepts in a delivery of information in the form of a Mind Map and the results of the concept will be exposed to the audience. Mind Mapping can make the concept of information delivery techniques more easily accepted by the Audience.


1. Visit the site Canva.

2. Log in or sign in correctly and correctly. Wait for some time until the dashboard display appears.

3. Type “Mind Map” (without quotes) into Canva’s search field, press Enter.

4. Choose the Mind Mapping template that you need in creating a concept for information in the presentation media.

5. Modify the appearance of the Mind Mapping concept along with the content or information data content into the presentation according to the discussion on a material.


After that, you can test the results of your Mind Mapping concept directly from Canva or export it to a PDF document or PPT presentation so that Mind Map files can be run on a computer or laptop without using an internet connection.


Mind Mapping which is a technique that visually describes ideas, concepts, information, or other things. Each idea, concept, or information is in a mind map box that is interconnected in an organized manner with lines. With the concept of a technique for delivering information like this, then you can deliver information or material from a field that is better, structured, and easier to understand by the audience or viewers who see your Mind Map.

You can create a media presentation using the Mind Map concept that Canva helps to produce a Mind Map that is good, easy, and pleasing to the eyes of many people. You don’t need to create a Mind Map from scratch, because Canva has provided a Mind Map template that you can modify directly.


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