How to Create a Festival on Spotify Festival

How to Create a Festival on Spotify Festival – How often do you see music festival posters featuring artists from your favorite artists? There are many people in cyberspace, especially Twitter who often show off their festivals. Here, we will show you How to Create a Festival on Spotify Festify. If you’re an avid listener of Spotify music, you’re probably familiar with Festify.

Festify is a website where you can create your own concert or festival based on a list of the most listened to songs on your Spotify account. Based on its usage, Festify itself stands for Spotify Festival.

The first thing you should have is a Spotify account. Don’t worry, if you’re not a long-time user, you can use it, because anyone with a Spotify account can use this feature.

Oh yes, to be able to use this feature you must be active streaming for at least a month both online and offline. Because your festival lineup will be listed based on your listening history.

First, you can visit the Festify website by typing “Festify” in the search field or by clicking on the link below. Click to sign in with your Spotify account will appear. So enter your account details.

After successfully logging in, there will be three options, we can choose the time period. Picks can be taken from the artists we listened to over the past month, six months, or all the time. If during the past month, the name of the festival was Volcanojam

How to Create a Festival on Spotify Festival

1. Please visit the website Here

2. Click login with spotify

3. Free login can use Facebook or your email

4. Keep scrolling down and click agree

5. If you have chosen to hold a festival LAST MONTH / LAST 6 MONTH / ALL TIME

6. Here is an example that last month

7. Done

If for the last six months it is called Forestfest and it is called Unholy Space. Besides being able to recall the songs you’ve listened to on Spotify, the “listening history” or search history in the application is useful for us to understand what kind of music genre it is. The real us!

In addition, there are frequently played songs, highly favorited songs, and other columns on Spotify, so that we can see our musical tastes from time to time.

The Festivy website will search for bands you’ve been listening to for the past six months, the last month, or while you’ve been using Spotify.

In fact, it’s not only bands that are expected to make the list of your dream festival, but also the name of the festival that’s right for you! One of the unpleasant things about music festivals is that you can’t choose your lineup of musicians to join. Maybe you only want to see one or two musicians because you’re not interested in other artists. But what if one day there’s a music festival and you can pick a group of musicians based on the music you listen to on Spotify? Would be fun, wouldn’t it? Yes, this can be “made possible” with Festify, a website that curates the lineup of your dream festival based on the songs you play the most.

That’s How to Create a Festival on Spotify Festival


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