How to Create a Blank Tweet on Twitter

How to Create a Blank Tweet on Twitter – For this opportunity, I want to write an article How to Create a Blank Tweet on Twitter, thank God I can still write a simple post on this blog, and I will write another post. Well this time I will share a simple way, namely How to Create a Blank Blank Tweet on Twitter

Have you ever seen a blank tweet that was not written at all, have you ever thought about tweeting a blank tweet but couldn’t, or even failed, the way is simple and practical, like food, there are practical things that can be done.

Empty tweets are rare on twitter and it’s hard to find empty tweets on twitter even though this trick has been around for a long time and maybe old school for those who already know but I’m sure there are hundreds if not thousands of people who don’t know.

Well, if we just write a space and then we type, of course, we can’t, because according to Twitter, that’s it

So basically, my writing is specifically for friends who don’t know, if you already know, don’t listen, just pretend you don’t know. OK let’s go.

How to Create a Blank Tweet on Twitter

1. First, please open Twitter first

2. Then please open tweet button

3 Copy below (it doesn’t look like it) because of the special space

️️ ️️ ️️️

^^ above

4. Then paste and please click tweets ok

5. Then later the result will be like this:

Promotion so that the account doesn’t look empty and there are lots of tweets

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Is this the wrong tweet or is it just on my phone?

Since earlier I wanted to search, it must be like this Mulu, looking at the tweets, they are all empty

imagine how many tweets have been drafted when uploaded, even my head is EMPTY like my heart…

That’s how to make a blank tweet on Twitter


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