How to Connect Gopay from the Jago Syariah Bank Application

Jago Syariah Bank is a type of Syariah-based Jago bank which is known for its no interest rate and no features for applying for loans on credit. This bank service is suitable for those of you who are trying to avoid usury because there are interest rates in the bank.

In terms of service features, this bank is not inferior to the usual Jago Bank, only there is no feature to apply for a loan on credit earlier. However, you can still pay electricity bills, internet, top up games, top up credit, save, and so on.

Bank Jago Ordinary or Bank Jago Syariah has a special feature, namely integration with Gopay, making it easier for you to top up your Gopay balance from Bank Jago directly with the record that the cellphone numbers registered with Bank Jago Syariah and Gopay are the same. For this time, the author focuses on the use of Bank Jago Syariah for the needs of daily life in conducting transactions and saving. So, the author provides a tutorial for integrating Jago Syariah Bank with Gopay e-wallet.


1. Open the menu on the Android smartphone.

2. Activate the Bank Jago application.

3. Enter the 6 digit PIN correctly and correctly.

4. Press Pockets.

5. Press Connect Gopay.

6. Press Continue.

7. Press Check. Make sure the cellphone numbers at Jago Syariah and Gopay banks are the same.

8. Press Connect.

9. Bank Jago Syariah will send it to the cellphone number to verify the OTP obtained from the SMS. After entering the correct OTP code, press Confirm or automatically (if the mobile number is on the same device).

10. Enter your Gopay PIN and press Confirm.

11. Here are the results.

12. You can top up your Gopay balance from Bank Jago Syariah directly.


So, you can top up your Gopay balance from Bank Jago Syariah more easily and also make deposits at Bank Jago from Gopay without having to open the Gojek application on Android.


For those of you who have Bank Jago Syariah, you can integrate the Gopay e-wallet without opening the Gojek application directly, making it easier for you to top up Gopay from Bank Jago or refund balances from Gopay to Bank Jago through applications, especially those of you who work as ojol (online motorcycle taxis) on the platform. Gojek.


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