How to Compress PS2 Game ISO Files With HP Without PC / Laptop

How to Compress PS2 Game ISO Files With HP Without PC / Laptop – How to Compress PS2 Iso Game Files to Chd via Hp without a PC / Laptop – The trick to compress PS2 game files (Aethersx2 Emulator) from ISO to CHD, just use an Android cellphone without the need for a PC/Laptop.

Can save file size up to 50% and still play smoothly on cellphones using the Aethersx2 emulator without problems without reducing game features and performance. The example in the picture of the game digimon which is 1.3 gb is only 500 mb. Game battle stadium from 800 mb to just 100 mb. This is very helpful for those whose cellphones have small / limited storage.

In my post this time I will try to disassemble the tutorial on how to edit ps2 games using the usb utility, this is usually used to install games on an external usb hard drive, but this time I will use these tools to edit ps2 games in iso file format, where I will rip or shrink files, in this case video files.

There are many ways or terms to reduce the size of a game from its original size, such as repacking, ripping, compressing, etc. This time I will share how to reduce the size of PS2 games. By deleting virtual files in PS2 games, what are virtual files? The dummy file itself is an empty file but is quite large in size, and some PS2 games have dummy files. Dummy files are used for upgrades

Game image size and copy protection. This Dummy file is needed if we use PS2 with DVD/optical media

How to Compress PS2 Game ISO Files With HP Without PC / Laptop

Material :

its 2 steps:

1. Download and Extract the above file Android to the folder “download

2. Install files com.eltechs.ed_3.0.2.apk open the application, an error message will appear, just click back or home

3. move files “” to folder com.eltechs.ed what’s in the folder android/obb

4. put the PS2 game file in ISO format into the “CHDMAN PS2“which has been extracted in the download folder earlier, there is a file”chdman.exe” and “ISO or GDI to CHD.bat

5. Open the app ExaGear Windows

Click Menu

Click Manage containers

Click the + . icon

Click the 3 dots next to the folder “container_1

Click Run explorer

Click the D folder

Double click the folder “CHDMAN PS2

Double click the file “ISO or GDI to CHD. bat

After the compression process is complete, just delete the ISO file, leaving the CHD file

What are the minimum specs for running ExaGear?

if you just convert iso to chd, you don’t need a cellphone with high specs like that

if it is compressed, does it read on opl ps 2?

I don’t know either, what’s discussed here is specifically for emu Aethersx2 Android

That’s How To Compress PS2 Game ISO Files With Cellphones Without PC / Laptop


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