How to Complete the Daily Mission Fan Star N Star

How to Complete the Daily Mission Fan Star N Star – I know this method from the reply on the base, but it’s been a while so I don’t know if it’s late, maybe there are some who already know, if you don’t know, I’ll tell you this

It’s using chrome, right, mozilla firefox can do that too. If it’s a browser other than chrome, it’s like safari, I don’t know what it can do or not.

But I don’t want to tell you the tutorial from the basic one, how to make an account or how to vote, right, because there must have been a lot of tutorials, you can see it in the voting base. I just want to tell you how to make it more time efficient and not complicated scrolling. Don’t go right away

1. Post recommendation

Click the smile icon > long press the post, “open in new tab in group” > click “like” > close.

Don’t do it while counting to make it fit 10, or want to increase it to 11 so that the words “recommend success” appear.

2. Article

Open the article > click the three dots in the upper right corner > “find in page” > manually type “claim” it will scroll by itself. If it’s done, then you don’t have to type manually again, just press the down arrow.

This can also be used for other languages, because on average the articles are long. Search for the word, just copy the word “claim” in that language.

How to Complete the Daily Mission Fan Star N Star

1. Login your account first, if you don’t have an account, you can see this tutorial if you don’t understand:

here How to register a fan n star account

2. After that it will enter the initial display like this:

3. After that, you click the top right corner (I gave a sign)

4. Later a display like this will appear, see, everything is still 0, what do you need to do? Yes, you really have to starCharging!!

5. Click StarCharging, then this display will automatically appear, now this is the purchase section, yes, you can click the yellow asterisk (attendance) then a rich display will appear in this second pict

6. After that, you click ‘GET STEMP’

7. A display like this appears, you click on the red or blue one, if you don’t know the answer, it’s just stupid until you get the sign in the second pic, you get a star, right? Continue pressing confirm!

8. After confirming you will get your stamp like this okay, this is the first mission completed!

9. Oh yes, by the way, there are 3 daily missions, yes, check that you have entered 1 star into your account after the ‘get stamp’ earlier.

The way to check daily missions is like in the first picture, you click on the profile that has daily stars, I’ve already given a sign.

10. CONTINUE next second mission, ‘View articles’, please read the 30 page article! Uwowwww calm down, it’s not tired bro, I have a trick

11. HERE WE GOOOO, you press ‘go’ which is pictured above, or you can also go to the articles page like this too

12. Continue, after clicking, this page will appear


– long press one of the articles later appears like this, then you click ‘open in a new tab in the group) I’ve given you an emoji

14. Later it will appear like this in the tab, do it up to 30 times on different accounts.

16. After you finish 30 articles, you can next to the next daily mission which is ‘post recommendation’

17. The trick is to click go, or you can also click the smiley emoji in the lower right corner, then the second bestie pict will appear.

18. My method is the same as in the article, long click on the post up to 10 times, after that you click the smile emoji (like), after that taraaaaa get 1 star.

Remember to do it up to 10 times!

19. After that, finish your daily mission! And as a prize you can get a ‘roullete’ spin to get an additional voting ticket like in the second pic.2

20. After that, go to the menu to vote, and vote is over~~~

Sorry for the many typos, if you still don’t understand, comment me too!! Don’t be shy I don’t bite

Don’t be shy don’t be afraid okay

Okay, that’s all for my thread, sorry if it’s messy and if you’re still confused, you can just ask, don’t hesitate. Excited to vote too. Bangtan only has an army, cultivate the habit of not relying on other people, you have to start with yourself. FIGHTING!!


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