How to Complain to an Order at McDonald’s Indonesia

How to Complain to an Order at McDonald’s Indonesia – McDonald’s is a company or restaurant that provides fast food and beverage products commonly known as McD.

Of course, to meet customer needs, McD offers a McDonald’s call center service as a means for customers to submit wishes or complaints.

McDonald’s Indonesia offers a delivery service that you can call from your landline or smartphone with the McDelivery application. Regarding the application, you can get it by downloading it on the Google PlayStore, or for iPhone devices it is available on the AppStore.

Not only that, you can also order the McDelivery application via number 14045, and you can also use the latest Cs McDonald Indonesia call center number. McDonald’s also provides assistance on social media such as at Twitter when serving customers. This will definitely help you Complain Orders at McDonald’s Indonesia.

How to Complain to an Order at McDonald’s Indonesia

So the story is that I ordered McDonald’s package of PaHeBat + Large Cocalcola, but what came was medium coca cola.

Alright, I’ll report it, here’s how:

1. Please you food photo McDonald’s and also receipt photo McDonald’s you

2. Please you DM McDonald Indonesia at Twitter

3. Please DM, if the order you ordered is it is not in accordance with with what you ordered

4. After that, there will be a reply message from the McDonald’s admin to fill in personal data and also chronology

Hi bro. Sorry for the inconvenience, can you provide your personal data:

No. Tel.:
McDonald’s Locations:
Order type: (Dine In, Take Away, Drive Thru, McDelivery/14045, Gofood/Grabfood)
Purchase date & time:
Your chronology:

And please attach your McDonald’s receipt

Thank You

5. Please you fill in personal data and chronology and include evidence receipt McDonald’s you

6. Then you will be in WA or call by McDonald’s branch what you ordered

7. They will replace your food that is not suitable.

8. Done

For example, if you order a large drink like me, the one that comes with a medium drink will be replaced

In my opinion, the service from McDonald’s is pretty good because the response time is very fast, more or less your complaint will be responded to a maximum of 2 days during working hours.

If you complain today, then the next day you will be contacted directly by the McDonald’s branch to replace your order that doesn’t match.

In my opinion, with the help from customer service on Twitter, it makes it easier for customers to make complaints or suggestions to Ada Mcdonald to make it even better.

If you have another way to make a complaint to McDonald’s, you can comment in the comments column below.

That’s an article about how to complain about a wrong order at McDonald’s. Hopefully with this tutorial this time it can be useful for all of you

As a multinational company, McDonald’s has complaint management, which keeps customers happy and willing to come and buy again.


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