How to Claim IPB Achievement Incentive

How to Claim IPB Achievement Incentive – Hello everyone! So this time I want to share by making a tutorial article for claiming IPB achievement incentives! who as participants can also looh.

Responding to the development of digital technology that has progressively and sophisticatedly changed the media environment, the media has been designed as an information center to make information about the implementation, competition organization, participation and participation more accessible to the academic community. IPB University community.

Competitive activity, talent interest activity, and achievement inference based on collective results. IPB University Academic Body. In general, achievement improvement activities are a means to develop superior human resources for IPB University students.

How to Claim IPB Achievement Incentive

The culture of participating in national and international competitions is a means to strengthen the character and habits of positive behavior in students, enabling students to be honest, straight, objective, disciplined, responsible, persistent, hardworking and appreciate the work of others in a sporting manner. In addition, student participation in competitions can hone 21st century competencies/skills

How to Claim IPB Achievement Incentive

Stage 1. Access the data entry page

Steps Steps:

-Enter to the website: IPB Student Portal

-Select Activity Menu

-Select the competition section

-Then fill in the existing fields

The steps are like the picture below!

Stage 2. Complete the data

Vital Records :

-Understand the mechanism of charging activity time in

-activity time is filled in hours

-Don’t forget to fill in the name of the supervising lecturer (if you don’t have one, you can go to the student affairs lecturer at the dept.)

the column is like this

How to Claim IPB Achievement Incentives

Before proceeding to the next stage, make sure the achievements you have filled in have been graded by the supervisor!

Why should it be assessed? Because later achievements will only be assessed!

Graded examples

and it’s not like this yet

Stage 3. Verification Stage 1

Well, after your achievements are inputted and acc, then the next step is verification 1. So later ig @ipbprestasi will post whose achievements are recorded. Friends, just complete the requested data in the verification gform link 1.

The post is like this:

Stage 4. Verification Stage 2

Then, after verification 1, ipbprestasi will post again the names that passed verification 2. In this section, my friends will post testimonials about their achievements (free). Examples like below:

After that, fill out the verification form 2

Stage 5. Just Wait

If you have passed verification 2, you just have to wait for the disbursement. Usually it is disbursed quarterly so you have to be patient.

Stage 6. Yeay, friends, the incentives have melted!

Well, this is the most fun stage, hehe. if this stage is already liquid, all stages of claiming incentives are done!

How to Claim IPB Achievement Incentive

Furthermore, if anyone is still confused, please just ask! Achievement Spirit!


1. Is it possible to enter a competition like the national Olympics or not? Then what if there is no dosbim?

Answer: Same. All competitions are actually possible according to the existing categories, if there is no dosbim, try contacting the student department lecturer.

It’s because I’m like that too, because it’s still PKU, the dosbim has been changed to a student lecturer in my department

For example, if the student lecturer doesn’t know him, which lecturer is willing to help, give your grades and ACC achievements… cheers!

2. If, for example, the competition has started since last month, even November 2021, you can still claim, right?


Normatively, it can’t be done, but in the last period, how come my achievements in October were at ACC in the January period.

So just give it a try, cheers

3. For example, is the participant certificate possible or not? Do you continue to do the same steps, the winner is the same, right?


Yes, you can and the steps are the same

Here are some ways to claim IPB’s Achievement Incentives.


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