How to Check Twitter Shadowban Manually

How to Check Twitter Shadowban Manually without – Note: – the account you want to check is not an empty 0 tweet account. – already responded to at least 1 tweet from someone else.

“Shadowban Twitter” Maybe you already know that every application service has its own strategy. This also applies to Twitter, all users must comply with existing policies.

Usually a given policy will continue to adjust and may change over time. This also applies to policies provided by Twitter.

Well, if you are a user who does not comply with these policies, usually the account will be immediately blocked or penalized, usually punished first and then blocked. One of them is often referred to as shadow ban.

Have you ever heard the word shadowban, but didn’t know what it meant? Take it easy, in this discussion we will explain in detail for you.

Shadowban is a restriction on a Twitter account, which usually occurs when users do not know Twitter’s own policies. In essence, these restrictions are given directly by Twitter without any notice.

Well, when our Twitter account is blocked by shadow ban, other users or followers will not be able to see tweets and information from the account itself.

What makes us as account owners do not realize that we have been blocked by shadow ban is that we can still easily access Twitter accounts.

In order for the ecosystem they develop to be safe and healthy, some technology companies generally take immediate action against accounts and posts that violate the requirements.

They use many actions, ranging from warning users, deleting uploads containing inappropriate content, to blocking accounts that commit serious violations.

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How to Check Twitter Shadowban Manually

1. Suggestion Ban

Open search, look for the intended username. If it doesn’t show up then it’s not healthy.

healthy account

Unhealthy account

2. Search tires

A healthy account when you search for your own username, surely our tweets will also appear in the search. If it doesn’t show up at all, it means you’ve got a search ban.

Find the username in the search bar. Select “search for”. If the intended username tweet appears, it means the account is healthy. If the latest tweet does not appear, then it is not healthy.

healthy account

Unhealthy account

3. Reply deboost

This is an example of an account that was hit by an rd, the reply was queried by twitter. but before that, check if you turn on the hide sensitive media feature or not, if so, you can turn it off first.

Use another account. See the original tweet that the intended username has replied to last time. If the reply from the intended account only appears after clicking “show additional replies”, then that means it could be banned.

but maybe not. sometimes there are accounts whose twitter settings are intentionally marked as sensitive content.

4. Ghost ban

Now, it’s simple, if you look at your jbjb with other people, it says ‘this tweet is unavailable’ which means that you got ghost ban. You can see it from the web or from the application, it’s free.

The targeted user’s tweet will be unavailable. For example, there is a tweet that A replies. However, when we scroll through the replied tweets, A’s tweet is unavailable, it doesn’t appear, it’s like a ghost.


hi, responding to which is closed I want to provide a temporary solution. Try visiting

you can see the circle mutuals that got sb too ^^

btw Typeahead ban = Search Suggestion Ban

Weaknesses: loading takes a while because he analyzes our circles. the way to know after entering usn is to click on the yellow one (to find out your own sb), or blue/purple (besides yellow) for mutual sb.

I used this before when was down for a while

many errors?

queue is full because the web is busy. aka a lot of people waiting in line to check at that time. So, please refresh and try another time.

it’s complicated, but this website is the most similar to shadowban(.)eu the explanation that I know. If anyone knows another website, let me know, please

Why is closed?

Why is closed

Twitter has changed their frontend and is using the new GraphQL. To test the behavior of the website, Shadowban must also experiment / change it for testing. The owners of Shadowban are no longer interested in Twitter and have switched to another project (over a year ago). Thus, does not work forever. The original code version remains available on GitHub

That’s How To Check Twitter Shadowban Manually


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