How to Check OJK Slik via Whatsapp without going to the OJK Office

How to Check OJK Slik via Whatsapp without going to the OJK Office – Yesterday, we were talking about SLIK / BI CHECKING, of course, if we normally do BI checking, we need to go to OJK. But at this time you no longer need to visit OJK to just see the slik.ojk but now you can use WhatsApp only

It turns out that someone commented that now SLIk requests can be made via whatsapp!!

SLIK = Financial Information Service System from OJK,

If it used to be known as BI Checking, now it has changed its name and is regulated by OJK Direct

This SLIK contains information/financial records of debtors from all Banks/Credit Borrowers (Creditors), usually if you want to apply for a Bank Credit or Mortgage, the developer will usually check your previous credit status through this SLIK.

By using this method, we can easily get OJK Slik without having to go to the OJK office or leave the house. This is one of the service developments from OJK to make it easier for the public to solve their problems.

In SLIK there are 5 categories/classes:




COL 2: Coughing up / Occasional arrears


try if you want your grades to be good, never be late/arrear in paying credit bills, whatever it is Revolving hearts

Straight to the point Face with tears of joy

So now OJK doesn’t know when there will be a SLIK request facility via Whatsapp for certain cities, but it can apply nationally, right?

These are the WA branch numbers, got them from the OJK Official Whatsapp

While there are only 18 branches that already have WA:

Several regional OJK offices also provide SLIK Online services via Whatsapp numbers. You can also contact the nearest OJK Office Whatsapp number below to get SLIK service:

1. OJK Tasikmalaya Office, No. WA ‘08112234157
2. Regional Office 3 Central Java (Semarang), No. WA 08112673777
3. OJK Solo Office, No. WA 082265169991
4. OJK Purwokerto Office, No. WA 082326363355
5. OJK Tegal Office, No. WA 085328917715
6. OJK Kediri Office, No. WA 085655255333
7. OJK Office of West Sumatra (Padang) Province, No. WA 082171147070
8. North Sulawesi OJK Office (Manado), No. WA 081524710858
9. Regional Office 4 East Java (Surabaya), No. WA 082132228157
10. OJK Malang Office, No. WA 085755793258

the rest can be seen on wa ojk directly ya

How to Check OJK Slik Requests via Whatsapp without going to the OJK Office

1. Chat one of the WA OJK numbers in your city / closest, if I chat to the city of Tegal, Cirebon doesn’t exist yet

2. Later, you will be asked to fill in the data entry form for verification

Just follow the instructions

3. After filling out all the forms, a PDF/Form will be emailed automatically. The request is made in the TTD, you can manually print it first or digitally.

Oh yes, the procedures / procedures may be different in each branch, yes,

4. If you have TTD sent again to the WA number earlier,

Oh yes, also prepare a photo of your ID card. Obviously with your selfie photo + holding your ID card for verification,

Just send it,

IDEB form earlier + photo ID + photo selfie

* The ideb form is in the screenshot, okay?

The answer is likely to be automatically rich from the start again, if you have sent + accordingly, just wait for it later at the VC with the staff from OJK for verification,

The info is the queue every day is a maximum of 30 people, so please be patient, okay?

I chat from the 20th, new on VC on the 22nd

5. If you are already in VC, just wait for the SLIK to be sent via WA/Email

If I go through chat again,

VC at 14.26

Sent the file at 16.14

This service is faster than having to go via the website because most of the queues are full,



for the service,

* If you want it faster, you can come directly to the OJK office directly while bringing your ID card, yes, the info is free

It is very easy to use this service. because by using this service, the process is easier and can be done anywhere. the service from the WhatsApp chat invitation is also quite responsive.

So many articles on how to check OJK Slik requests via WhatsApp without going to the OJK office. Hopefully this tutorial can be useful for all of you. If you have any questions, please comment in the comments below. Thank you


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