How to Chat DM Seller Korea on Twitter

How to Chat DM Seller Korea on Twitter – How to DM Korean Seller? You can! I also typed it but with a Korean buyer 😀 my price is compared to other sellers, I’m just ghosting even though I want to reply “just buy it at Sono”

Even though, if the price doesn’t match your budget, just skip it, you don’t have to say it’s expensive or compare

IH, a Korean native, really likes to look at it or not, how about selling it. After all, if the price is 5k-10k, it’s only natural, people selling from stalls from a to z stalls don’t always have the same price. It’s really difficult, after all, if you want to buy it or not, let’s just make people grunt. ️

sellkor: Korean sellers usually sell cheap because they buy bulk; whether it’s because of the fansign or there is an event that gets a bonus

fansign: bought because the seller wants to join the fansign. can be from kr/ina/other countries, depending on the website that has fs

Here you go tips and methods if we want to DM a Korean seller!

I have treated this method to hundreds of sellers!

How to Chat DM Seller Korea on Twitter

Hope this article helps you!

How to Chat DM Seller Korea on Twitter

1. What you need if you are not fluent in Korean can use a translator tool Papago yes!

This is the appearance of the Papago application

2. Second, you must first define the keywords to find a seller who thinks you are selling the goods or photo cards you are looking for

= Photocard

= Goods

= Selling

You can add member names like this

3. Third, you can check the seller’s account number in the Twitter search bar and

Make sure the search bar is empty

Also make sure the seller’s account number is clean until it says something like this

4. This is the fourth way to chat sellkor

= Hello

= Wait a minute

= Thank you

? = Is this still available?

= Please check DM

= Have a nice day

보내면 전화 ️ = Please contact me if you have sent the item

? = What is the total with shipping cost?

? = Was there any damage?

? = Can I buy it?

? = Hello is this still available?

? = Can you send a photo card and account number? Like this.

? = Can you send me the account number?

= I will contact you when I send the money/tf

? = What is the total price with shipping costs?

? = Are there any rebates/discounts?

? = When will the goods be delivered?

5. For shipping options, you can choose according to the seller’s conditions

(1,800 Won)

(1,600 Won)

(1,600 – 2,000 Won & transfer to GS 25/CU)


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