How to Change Youtube Subtitles to Javanese and Sundanese

How to Change Youtube Subtitles to Javanese and Sundanese – When you watch videos on YouTube, do you find it difficult to hear what’s in the video? Or when you listen to a music video, you also want the lyrics to appear so you can sing along?

You can enable subtitles while watching on YouTube from your desktop or mobile device. Watch YouTube but don’t understand the language? You can display subtitles on Youtube. This trick can be done easily on PC and HP. This feature is usually used by youtube viewers who are watching foreign content.

The languages ​​can be English, German, Spanish, Korean, Japanese and even Javanese and Sundanese. Various languages ​​that we do not understand can be translated into Indonesian, the contents are easier to understand. Besides being a solution to language limitations, displaying subtitles is also a solution for the deaf who want to understand the content of the video.

For Youtube video content in foreign languages, you can activate Indonesian subtitles to make it easier to understand.

On mobile, you can also customize the appearance of the subtitles that appear. To do this, click “Subtitle Style” and select the “Custom” option, a new option will appear at the bottom. By default, subtitles will be displayed in a white font on a black background. You can change the background color, transparency level and more.

How to Change Youtube Subtitles to Javanese and Sundanese

1. Must use a PC/laptop, if it’s a cellphone (mmm… on the cellphone, some can and some don’t)

How to Change Youtube Subtitles to Javanese and Sundanese

2. Open youtube on chrome, then click the icon that I marked (πŸ‘). After that click “Subtitle/CC” (πŸ‘)

3. It looks like this, then you click “AUTOMATIC TRANSLATE”

4. You just choose which subtitle you want to use (Javanese, Indonesian, Sundanese, etc.) scroll down, OK?

I hope it helps, sorry if the sentences are confusing

Actually, subtitles have many other functions. You may need it from time to time while watching videos. So, enjoy listening to this review and finding an easy way to display subtitles on YouTube. viewers should be aware that this CC feature is Google’s automatic translation.

A few ways to change Youtube subtitles to Javanese and Sundanese


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