How to Change Tiktok 10gb Quota to Main Quota

How to Change Tiktok Quota to Main Quota – In this modern era, of course, it is very important to provide 24-hour internet quota for all applications, especially if you have to work or go to school.

Indosat is a company that understands that Indonesian people like to play Tiktok. In order to maintain user loyalty, Indosat Ooredoo often launches various attractive promos, ranging from credit discounts, cheap quotas to free quotas.

How to Change Tiktok Quota to Main Quota

Recently, Indosat again provided free Indosat IM3 Tiktok quota for its users. So, how much is Tiktok’s quota? Here’s the explanation. Indosat Tiktok free quota is a quota that can only be used to access the Tiktok application. Tiktok is a very popular short video app today. No wonder Indosat offers this attractive offer.

If you have a special TikTok quota and want to convert it to your main quota, you need to know how to change it. You are in the right place because here we will discuss how to change TikTok quota to main quota.

You may have tried to buy TikTok quota to save more. To be able to use TikTok quota on other social media, you must know how to change TikTok quota to regular quota first.

Because if you don’t change it, you can’t open other apps. No need to worry, because TikTok quota can be easily changed to main quota.

You can choose an easier method to practice. Unfortunately, at this time there is no information on how to change TikTok quota to main quota without an application, so you need an application.

Indosat provides free Tiktok quota to its users. Then how to change Tiktok quota to regular quota?

3 Ways to Change Tiktok 10gb Quota To Main Quota (Indoosat & Tri Only)

A. Using Phisipon Pro

1. use the phisipon pro apk

First download the apk, use this link


is this safe

then if you just have to install it, it looks like this, open the app later at the beginning there is a section ‘home

2. keep pressing ‘options‘ later when it’s open it looks,

How to Change Tiktok 10gb Quota to Main Quota

3. push ‘more options‘ which is below.

4. if you have opened the display, don’t forget to check what I marked first, then click ‘custom HTTP headerss’

5. if you have, don’t forget to check the ‘add custom‘ continue to fill it ONLY IN HEADERS 1 AND 2.

header 1 is filled in ‘host‘ and ‘‘,

header 2 is filled with ‘connection’ and ‘keep-alive’ (as in the pict).

6. when you’re back, just press start which I marked

7. but usually he is directly directed to the web like this. If your IP address appears, that’s a sign that you’re connected

8. good luck.

B. Using Custom Http

1. use apk HTTP CUSTOM (available in playstore) this apk is not big in size, guys, don’t worry.

2. Now download the configuration first


3. when you open the app then click the + sign

4. Two options will appear and click ‘open config’

5. Then click the config file that was downloaded, oh yes, the name has an isattiktok, you will see the file later

6. if you just click it, it will appear like pict number two and just press ‘CONNECT

7 later your notification will appear if for example it’s running

C. Use Turbo VPN Without Config (Very easy)

Honestly, I’ve never tried this, but my sister said I was worth it, just click on the carrot and it will connect.

QnA session:

1. How come I can’t, sis? Are you still using the main quota?

As far as I know, it can be used if the main quota is finished, and only the tiktok quota is left.

2. Can you do this for iOS?

If you use the apk file, of course you can’t, for iOS try using the C method (turbo vpn)

3. Sis, if the config script above doesn’t work, how do you get it?
Join the phreaker facebook group / free internet (just look for it) there will be similar / related grub you just join.

After the connection test in the HTTP Injector application, your TikTok quota can be used for other social media.

If you still can’t connect, please use another additional configuration or restart the app.

Through this quota, Indosat IM3 users can open Tiktok for free without worrying about losing a large amount of quota to watch Tiktok. Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to convert Tiktok quota to regular quota without an application.

Now, you can only do it with Psiphon Pro app, http injector and vpn. Therefore, to be able to use Tiktok quota like regular quota, you can only use the Psiphon Pro http injector and vpn applications which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. This app is a paid app, but if you download it via the download link shared by us above, you can download it for free.

A few ways to change the Tiktok 10gb quota into the main quota


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