How to Change Primary Email on AWS

This article discusses a tutorial for changing or changing the main email or root access on Amazon Web Services (AWS) where you can replace old emails that are considered obsolete or if there is a change from the old domain to a new domain that affects the email address in question. This email is intended to use or manage AWS services that are being used to build a technology-based system or application.

This email address is used to send news or important information about AWS services, verify your AWS account information or root access data, and so on. To change the primary email in AWS can use personal (personal) or business email. If your AWS account is participating in the AWS Startup for Founders or Portfolios program, you should only use your own business email.

The author provides a tutorial to change or replace the primary email or root access in AWS directly. This is useful if you want to replace your old email with a new email or your personal email with a business email by making sure that the email address you are changing is active so that it can be validated for checking AWS account data while it is active such as abnormal login activity, using inappropriate services. so charged a very large fee, and so on.


1. Visit the site AWS.

2. Click Sign In to Console.

3. Enter IAM or email and password correctly.

4. Click Profile Name >>> Account.

5. Click Edit in the Account Settings section.

6. Click edit in the Email column / section.

7. Enter the new email and confirm the new email address is the same, then enter the current password. Click Save Changes.

8. Here are the results.

Try to use an active personal or business email.


So, you can replace old emails that are considered obsolete due to the transfer of the AWS account owner from someone else to you or vice versa so that the AWS account remains active all the time.


With the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing service as a service that is used to create or build a system or technology application without using a physical server.

You can replace the old email address with a new email address whether you use a personal email or a business email.


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