How to Change 4 Months Extra Unlimited Quota to Regular Quota

How to Change 4 Months Extra Unlimited Quota to Regular Quota – When Again Unli Yt Sosmed Game Only 40kan/month – Currently internet quota seems to have become a basic need, like a basic need. Without an internet quota, smartphone users can be restless while carrying out their daily activities.

Having a smartphone is of course useless without an internet quota. Because it is impossible to communicate, watch or enjoy various entertainment applications without connecting to the virtual world.

The current internet quota price can be said to be relatively affordable. It’s just that the consumption of quota on smartphones is currently very high. Tens of gigabytes run out in a matter of days, and to overcome this, various providers are scrambling to offer cheap internet packages, one of which is of course the giant cellular operator Telkomsel.

You can save money by choosing Telkomsel’s cheap internet, Telkomsel Unlimited internet package. You can choose from three Telkomsel unlimited packages.

Telkomsel with 3072 GB Extra Unlimited Quota active. Packages are active 120 days (4 months) since order/shipped. Can be used in all locations in Indonesia (One time use)

Cards are sent randomly according to stock.

Changes to promos and other conditions are entirely the rights of Telkomsel

Why should I buy bro?

-Because it’s really suitable for splitting traffic, and the direct mode can be more Optimal and stable (Depends on Bts TKP)

What if my TKP doesn’t support Extra unli?

-Buy the Simcard Version, just Plug n Play (Package tailored to your needs)

If my TKP supports Extra Unlimited?

-Can use the Shoot version, new sc requirements and support, and make sure the TKP is supported, if it doesn’t support (either Simcard or TKP) the error is the responsibility of the buyer

Tkp I support extra unli, but I have my own concoction?

-Ready We can shoot Unlimax for only 45k

How to check the TKP for unli extra support or not, bro?

-Open this list

My crime scene is not on the list, if I buy a simcard does it work?

-Work buddy, because quota can be used throughout Indonesia

Bro, I don’t want to be complicated, just want to just plug it in?

-Buy the simcard version, just Plug n Play (Package tailored to your needs)

What’s the difference between Standard and Premium?

-Standard version of Unlimited Kuota Apps which applies to the use of the following applications: WhatsApp, LINE, GamesMAX, MusicMAX, and TikTok.

-The Premium version of Kuota Unlimited Apps which applies to the use of the following applications: YouTube, MAXstream, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, LINE, GamesMAX, MusicMAX, and TikTok.

(Essentially there are additions on YouTube, MAXstream, Facebook, Instagram,)

Standard Version Via Shoot 125k

Premium Version Via Shoot 165k




How to Change 4 Months Extra Unlimited Quota to Regular Quota

Those who have bought Extra Unlimited for 4 months and want it to be a regular quota

how easy is it

-If you use a cellphone, you can use it

-HTTP Custom

-HTTP Injector



where do you get the config?

I usually get it from here

just adjust the package bug with the application you are using

If you use a cellphone, can you tether or not?

I’ve tried it but my cellphone is rooted

The phone heats up fast, bro, is there a solution?

-Can use OpenWrt, can be from stb or other devices

but what’s familiar is stb openwrt.

There are many tunnels that can be used, such as Libernet, OpenClash, Passwall, etc

If you use stb, how do you find the bug?

-You can join the Openwrt Mod group or look for a lot of bugs in YT

What are the minimal things you need to make stb?


-Stb (Type HG wifi on) (Wifi STB limit 20Mb, suggest using LAN)

– Router (If you want wider and full speed)

Where are the free SSH, Trojan and v2ray accounts, bro?





That’s How To Change 4 Months Extra Unlimited Quota Into Regular Quota


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