How to Cash out Gopay Coin into Money Balance

How to Cash out Gopay Coin into Money Balance – Gopay, a digital wallet from Gojek, has officially become one of the online shopping payment options on the homepage of the Tokopedia online shopping platform. At Tokopedia, the payment instrument is called GoPay Coins. This is also an update to the TokoPoints Loyalty Rewards feature on Tokopedia.

The Gopay Coins payment system continues to evolve with some interesting innovations. One of the latest developments from Gopay is Gopay Coins.

GoPay Coins is a reward program or form of loyalty for GoPay users or customers of certain official platform partners.

Gopay’s official platform partner is Tokopedia, the most popular e-commerce platform in Indonesia. Gopay Coin will be available for users to transact through the Gojek application or applicable official platform partners.

We can exchange Gopay Coin on Tokopedia as a transaction payment discount, you know. The exchange rate of 1 Gopay Coin is equal to Rp. 1 and can be directly used as a means of payment. Unlike other coin programs, we can use Gopay Coin to pay the full bill amount. Same as Ovo Coins balance. Now, to check your Gopay Coins balance, you can visit the main page of the Gojek application.

GoPay Coins can be exchanged for all transactions you make on the platform, both physical and digital product transactions. Coin redemption can also be combined with other promotions offered, such as free shipping promotions.

How to Cash out Gopay Coin into Money Balance

* special disclaimer for patient people

1. Install the app Ultra Voucher

2. Buy Giftcard Ultravoucher (customize gopaycoins). If you have gopaycoin 100k+ buy it here = Here

3. Use GoPaycoin when you make payment, the number is also GPP (free shipping)

4. if the goods have arrived about 2-3 days rub the voucher

How to Cash out Gopay Coin into Money Balance

5. Scan the barcode and enter the PIN via the app Ultravoucherlater it will be ultra value

6. Buy emoney like gopay/ovo later it will be money

In addition, it can be used without a minimum or maximum limit, as long as the balance is still sufficient. Now, again, there are many questions about how to withdraw GoPay tokens at Tokopedia. Can this GoPay Coins balance be paid like how to withdraw GoPay Paylater to an account? As we mentioned, GoPay Coins can be used to make transactions on Tokopedia. Any transaction, as long as the balance is sufficient

A few ways to cash out Gopay Coin into money balance.


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