How to Calculate Selling Price After Discount

How to Calculate Selling Price After Discount – How to calculate the price markup that can make you money. Discounts are a fairly effective promotional medium to get customer responses. This makes business people often use this tactic. Knowledge of how to calculate discounts correctly is important to you so that you can save more of your budget.

Discounts are usually written as a percentage (%). Come on, take a look at the discount calculation formula below so you can convert the percentage to rupiah and adjust the price of the product to suit your pocket

How to Calculate Selling Price After Discount

What if you see the discount symbol below: “60% OFF + 40%!!!”. You can find this sign in retail stores. Of course the question arises: after calculating the 60% discount + 40% = 100% = free, will the product be priced at 0.00 rupiah?

What is the calculation method in question? Just like how to calculate discounts for individual discounts, you need to convert the discount percentage to a decimal to make multiplication easier.

The purpose of discounts is to save money. For most people, however, discounts are a way to save money. In addition, discounts affect our perception of our own budget, as long as you know how to calculate discounts and use them appropriately, then you can start calculating the cost of purchasing a particular product yourself.

How to Calculate Selling Price After Discount

* Can be used for selling, dropshipping, making promos, submitting tenders, etc.

If you want a 20% markup from Rp. 300,000, it must be like this:

Rp. 300,000 + 20% =

Rp. 300,000 + Rp. 60,000 = Rp. 360,000

Yes, it’s true that there is a 20% increase in price, but the results from the markup earlier if you want to give a 20% “DISCON” must be below Rp. 300,000 earlier:

Rp. 360,000 – 20% =

Rp. 360,000 – Rp. 72,000 = Rp. 288.000

Actually there are other ways to markup prices.

If you want a 20% markup from Rp. 300,000, just like this:

100% – 20% = 80% huh

So here’s the count:

Rp. 300,000 : 80% = Rp. 375,000

Now get 20% markup from Rp. 300,000 = Rp. 375,000.

So if you want another 20% discount, the price will definitely go back to Rp. 300,000.

Rp. 375,000 – 20% =

Rp. 375,000 – Rp. 75,000 = Rp. 300,000

How about a 60% markup?

Rp. 300,000 : 40% = Rp. 750,000

How about a 50%+20% markup?

Rp. 300,000 : 50% = Rp. 600,000

Rp. 600,000 : 80% = Rp. 750,000

So the price after 50%+20% markup = Rp. 750,000

This calculation is usually used for Eid clothes discount schemes with the “50% + 20% discount” scheme.

Or for those of you who work in service procurement contractors, usually many clients ask for discounts, you can use this trick.

Don’t be fooled by big discount tricks,The most important thing is to be careful when buying goods, but as a savvy consumer, it is important to understand the concept of this discount. Especially don’t be fooled by the marketing tactics of writing discount promotions. So, read this article carefully to learn how to calculate the discount. In the business world, discounts are often used by companies as a marketing tactic to increase sales.

A few ways to calculate the selling price after discount.


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