How to Bypass iCloud iPhone iOS Completely All Versions

How to Bypass iCloud iPhone iOS Completely All Versions – hello, in this article we want to share with you all, namely how to bypass iCloud iPhone of all types using a tool called checkra1n and ra1inusb.

The iPhone can be locked if you enter the lockscreen password repeatedly and incorrectly.

The test can take some time depending on how many times you try to login to the iPhone.

It can also be locked because it is activated in lost mode by the owner.

So when the iPhone owners lose their cellphones, they can activate lost mode and also the cellphone is immediately locked and cannot be opened.

How to Bypass iCloud iPhone 6 7 8 X with Checkra1n

this is one of the advantages of the iPhone where not just anyone can open it.

Usually the lost iPhone is always locked by the owner from via iCloud.

so that the inventor of the HP could not open the HP.

to unlock an iCloud locked cellphone that has been done a long time ago but there are some that work and some that don’t work. Recently came out A useful checkra1n tool to pay for iCloud pass iPhone 6 7 8 to x.

You can use this iCloud bypass for kiosks 13 and iOS 12.13 is an update from iOS 12 which has fairly high security.

but still can be penetrated by the tool here. To use this checkra1n Bypass tool you have to use Mac OS or hackintosh for Windows users.

Why? because of this using Mac OS will help Alfon and also so that it is detected by your device. And can access from this checkra1n tool application.

How to Bypass iCloud iPhone iOS 13 Completely All Versions

checkra1n allows to jailbreak iOS 13 install Cydia tools dab have SSH permission on DFU devices and newer can bypass icloud.

Compatibility: iPhone 5s – checkra1n, iPod touch 6/7, Ipad Air/ Air 2, Mini 2/3/4, Ipad 5/6/7, Ipad pro 1/2
Supported iOS: 12.3 – 13.2.2 and beyond ++

To get started, you must first download the materials below, there are 3, right?

Update Bypass iCloud Fix SS and Appstore (Mac OS only)

Links: Here

How to use:
1. Checkra1n first until it’s finished
2. Open the app and click “Start Bypass”
3. Wait for the cellphone to turn on then it’s done

fix appstore means you can use your own acc, download normally

First, you need a Mac device, or you can use a hackintosh for windows
Mediafire link
GDrive link
Dropbocheckra1n link (mirror)

Tutorials :
1. You guys please install Python first on your Mac OS

Go to checkra1n folder > content
iCloud Bypass using checkra1n > MacOs
open checkra1n_gui

2. After that, please connect your iPhone to your Mac OS or computer and wait a while until the checkra1n application detects an iPhone then click start

3. Wait a while because you are in recovery mode, then click checkra1nt, then follow the flow

4. Press the right button and the home button of your iPhone

5. Continue to wait for the seconds to end and release the top right button and don’t release the iPhone home button

6. Then later he will enter boot

7. Wait for the boot to finish then click Done

8. Now, your cellphone will immediately open and the words hello will appear
9. Select Keep opening the new Python Launcher

10. Enter the commands below one by one

Copy Paste the command in the terminal:

./ -t 44:2222

Copy Paste again the command in the terminal:

ssh [email protected] -p 2222

Login pass: alpine

after the “-bash-3.2#” appears, copy and paste the commands one by one.

mount -o rw,union,update /
echo “” >> /.mount_rw
mv /Applications/
uicache –all
killall backboardd

11. Done
12. continue the flow

iCloud bypass limitations?

No carrier
Not possible add new icloud id
No Sim Card connection
Not possible Making phone calls
Receive SMS No
No Use 4G/3G internet
No Facetime
No iMessage
No iTunes
No Sync apple watch

How To Bypass For Windows Without Mac OS
bypass iPhone Windows users, without installing mac os


• prepare a flash drive of at least 8gb, for bootable (here I use a 16gb sdcard)

• download ra1inusb Here

• application to make bootable wear this ballena

• bios settings as pictured (if not there, just the existing settings)

• after boot select ra1nusb

• select language next” stop until install mac os

• look for the terminal menu in the top option (because I forgot the place)

Jailbreak steps

• in the terminal type “ra1nusb” enter

• plug the cellphone into the on position, start, just follow it until the cellphone turns on again

step bypass

• in the terminal type “ra1nusb-bypass” enter

• select move cloud to trash

• select usb

• wait for process


more details STEP” or other videos about other ra1nusb

Of course, after the iCloud on the cellphone is bypassed, there are several impacts. What are the impacts of the Bypass, including you can’t use a SIM card and can’t enter a new iCloud account and then you can’t use 4G or 3G internet but can still use wi-fi.

So with this iCloud bypass, the price of the iPhone becomes cheaper with some of the shortcomings of the things above.

for those of you who have a locked iPhone, please you can Bypass by using this tutorial. If you have any questions, please comment in the comments column and thank you.


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