How To Buy Books On Kindle Without A Credit Card

How To Buy Books On Kindle Without A Credit Card – So that you are familiar and not confused like I was at that time 🙂 don’t forget to bookmark it, maybe it will help

So, what is a kindle? There are two Kindle here—an app for reading as well as a device for reading. What I will discuss is how to buy in the application. “Do you have to have the device or not?” No, because I don’t have one either. Please buy it soon hehe. OK, what should I do? Let’s go

How To Buy Books On Kindle Without A Credit Card

1. First, you must have these two applications on your gadget. If you don’t have it, download it first. If you don’t have an Amazon account yet, you can create one first, it’s as easy as creating most accounts. If you don’t have a genius, make an account first (I’m not endorsed)

2. Then, how do you create an account at Genius? At first I thought I had to go to the counter/bank, but no. Can be online. First thing first, you download the app and register an account. After registration is complete, you will be asked to activate your account. There will be two options there

The first option is to activate via vidcall (working hours 08.00-21.00) or to the nearest genius counter in your city. I chose the first option. After you click activate via vidcall, you will be asked for your identity, so prepare your ID card. If the activation is complete, the account can already be used

Do you know where it came from? There will be a notification via email or simply a notification from the application (I did this at that time).

3. After that, before buying, you should first fill in your genius e-Card balance, by first filling the balance into the genius account, then fill in the balance to the e-card this way: open the one that says ‘card’ then later to the e-card . Click the e-card and select the words “top up”

4. If you’ve made sure your balance is safe and just in case it’s a little more, then we’ll go to Amazon. I bought it from the app, but it works from the amazon website too. I’ll teach you how to buy from the app. Well, actually, how to buy ebooks on Kindle/Playbook isn’t that much different.

It’s the same as one click, so why do you have to first connect your genius account (type: debit visa) so you make 1 click payment. Because amazon only has dollar currency, in my opinion, you can’t use a debit visa or cc, it’s different from playbooks that can use like gopay

5. Go to how to buy + activate your genius to pay. So first, look for the book you want in the store, it’s written in the app, for example, if you want to buy the book Daughter of the Moon Goddess, if you’re looking for it, it will appear like this, this is because I bought it, so I’ll use another book as an example.

6. So, for example, you want to buy book X, then you tap it, buy with one click. I love to see the app version and the web version. If you want to buy on the web, click the 3 line on the left and then look for Kindle > Kindle books. After you are comfortable and want to pay, click buy now, you will be asked to enter your card number + billing address. “Does it have to be a usa address or not?” No, my friend and I use an Indonesian address. I don’t know where the difference is, but using your home address you can shop online because it’s an ebook

7. How to know what your card number is, you open genius – cards – click on your e-cards and above it says top up | The refund has “tap card to see CVV code” there will be a copy automatically when you click on the card. This number is what you will use to enter the card number request for payment. After everything is complete, make sure it’s correct, you just have to be okay. And supposedly, after that the book can go directly to your library in the kindle application.

Well, at that time I made a mistake because I forgot to top up the balance so the payment was declined (don’t copy it, wkwk), but after I filled in the balance and retry payment, the balance was immediately deducted (there was a notification on genius) and the book could be opened in the library kindle app

Or, if you want to set it first for one click payment, you can set it first. Open your kindle app, then click on the rightmost 3 dots (More) and click on settings, then click on this one. After that, there will be an option to add a debit or credit card. I can’t SS because I can’t from the app

If it’s done, your payment is successful, that’s it, the book will be in your library right away! It’s easy, right

8. How to download samples? It’s simple, because you don’t have to pay for it, just click on the download sample, it will automatically enter your library with the “SAMPLE” stamp, so it’s nice to be able to read several pages before deciding to buy or not.

Kindle likes to have daily deals, monthly deals, aka pretty big discounts. I don’t know how often and when, the term is just like a sale, right, so just be diligent and check it or add it to the cart on the website to check without searching

Hope it helps! I’m also new to using this kindle app for reading because it’s usually in playbooks, but I hope the steps I gave above are complete and clear! Thanks for reading~

I forgot, so the kindle option is always buy now with 1 click if it’s in the app, or not at all, or even like this (I’ll let you qrt, ka). If it’s like this, it means that the kindle version isn’t available, if I’m not mistaken, some books don’t have kindle.

Even if you don’t have an account, if you click on the Kindle option in the title of the book and there’s a price or buy now option, it means the kindle is available, if not, it means it’s not or it isn’t there.

I’ve just found that the book didn’t have an option to buy the kindle, but on the kindle app. So try, for example, there are problems on the website, check the app, maybe in the app you can buy now 1 click. I agree

Apple devices users, I suggest using Safari, I found it on YouTube, someone suggested buying an iPhone/iPad using Safari

UPDATES: I opened the Kindle earlier and the notification said that now I can’t purchase the ebook through the app and must go through the website

That’s How To Buy Books On Kindle Without A Credit Card


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