How to Buy and Sell and Secure Genshin Impact Accounts After Buying

How to Buy and Sell and Secure Genshin Impact Accounts After Buying – With hacking rampant, miHoYo still seems to use a very low security system. Problems like this, only you as a genshin player can protect your information. This sounds very ironic.

In fact, Genshin Impact grossed $200 million! With so much income, many hackers are tempted to steal user accounts and sell them for profit. Well, with the terrible news of many genshin players losing their IDs, it’s a good idea to start protecting your account.

However, for some genshin players who can’t connect to the mobile number because miHoYo doesn’t provide a verification code, then you open a loophole for hackers. If you’re playing a game through a Playstation 4, neither of these processes need to be done. why? Since Genshin on PS4 uses a strictly protected Sony PSN account, you are safe from all hacks.

How to Buy and Sell and Secure Genshin Impact Accounts After Buying

How to Buy and Sell and Secure Genshin Impact Accounts After Buying

1. The rise of cases of fraud and scammers in terms of buying and selling game accounts, the admin advises that every buying and selling transaction use the services of a famous and trusted broker/middle man, it’s better to lose your account fee than your money/account being taken away by fraudsters or scammers.

2. Every transaction, always make sure the account profile or middleman account is not fake, yes, because in many cases scammers sometimes attract fake mm.

3. If you want to sell an account, it must be bound to an email to avoid buyers who like to play victims, [contoh kasus akun sudah diamanin buyer tapi buyer ngaku akunnya gak bisa login dll] to bind no hp, fb, twitter, google, apple can be unlinked/unlinked.

4. If you buy me, look for an account, yes, clean or just bind to an email or username, admin advice, don’t buy an account that is dead, bind, fb, twitter, etc.

5. How to secure a genshin account is quite easy, first log in to the game first, check whether it is as expected, if it is appropriate, please login via the mihoyo web look for account security, change the email pass and delete the old owner’s login devices.

Other Tips:

-Use email link and cellphone number.

-Use complex password combinations.

-Often occurs! don’t mix one password for different accounts! this is dangerous

once, I explain below.

-don’t log in genshin account email to the site that asked to register

-2nd verification on the web-email

why not at all equate passwords to various accounts? example: we register an e-commerce app using our email with a new password (cont..)

the same as the email login password, when the e-commerce branch data leaks, the person who bought the data can try to access your email using the password because the password is the same.

A few ways to buy and sell and secure your Genshin Impact account after buying it


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