How to Build Good Habits New Habits

How to Build Good Habits New Habits – Do you often find it difficult to build new habits? I want to share the way I change and do new habits.

There are tips for you to build new habits.

I learned this principle from James Clear’s book Atomic Habits. This book is very well known and many people recommend it.

How to Build Good Habits New Habits

There are 4 principles that can be done so that we can make new habits, let’s check them out

1.Make it Obvious

Make it clear what you want to do. For example, I want to have a habit of reading books. So make a plan to read a book every day one hour from 7-8 pm, then the habit will become clear and measurable.

Always record and evaluate new habits that you have done, by noting the development of new habits. You will know how far your habit goes, so that habit can take root in you.

I spilled my ways to be consistent with my new habit. you can download several applications that will help you tracking habits, namely snaphabit or habitica, this habitica is very exciting for me who likes to play rpg games

With habitica you are asked to play a character and you can raise its level by always doing your habit. Later there will be many prizes and customizations there. This can make me always consistent.

If friends want to consistently read books, you can use the goodread, readmore, readwise and kindle applications

2.Make it Attractive

Make your new habit interesting. Make habits intersect with things you love. For example, you want to be diligent in jogging and you like listening to podcasts. You can jog along with listening to podcasts.

I usually read a book while snacking on my favorite food or while drinking coffee. It will make me not sleepy when reading a book. Do your habits along with things that make you like and happy.

By doing your new habit along with the things you love, later on you will be waiting and can’t wait to do the new habit.

3.Make it easy

When we make new habits, there must be obstacles and obstacles, namely being lazy and lazy, they must be very relatable, right? If you want to build a new habit you have to be able to overcome the existing obstacles.

When you want to have a habit of reading books, always carry a book in your bag. So that whenever you have free time you can take the time to read the book

Put books in places that are easily accessible and easily visible.

Make your new habit easy and uncomplicated. Imagine if new things are complicated and difficult, surely later we will be lazy and lazy to do it.

4.Make it Satisfying

Make your habit into something rewarding, something that makes you smile, something that makes you happy so you always look forward to this moment. For example, after reading a book for an hour every day, you can watch your favorite series

If I always manage the rewards I get when I’ve consistently done new habits. I like series or movies. Well usually after I finish reading according to my target, I can only watch my favorite series, that way I can be consistent.

According to one of the quotes in this book,

“ What is immediately rewarded is repeated. What is immediately punished is avoided.”(James clear).

This principle can also be used to eliminate bad habits.

If you want to know more about how habits can be created, I recommend reading James Clear’s Atomic Habits book. Highly recommended for reading.

Some Ways to Build Good Habits New Habits


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