How to bring up the 40GB tri package for 1 rupiah

Welcome to IT People Blog. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for internet quotas for online/online learning activities at the student and university level is very large. Just imagine that just by attending a zoom meeting for 2 hours, we have used up 2GB or more of internet quota. Without the provision of internet quota assistance from the government, of course this will be a problem that complicates the financial conditions for parents of students.

In this post, I will share how to get a promo offer in the form of an internet quota of 40GB for Rp. 1 (one rupiah only). Tri launched a learning program for customers whose target focus is students and students who have registered their numbers to schools/campus as recipients of the internet data quota package assistance program distributed by the Government through the Ministry of Education and Culture during the period September to November 2021.

This means that the registration deadline is August 28, 2021, and the 40GB package for 1 rupiah is offered to users, namely students and college students, at the beginning of the month before the 15th.

Usually in class groups, we are asked to collect cell phone number data and then send it to the school/campus administration to be registered with the central dapodik although there are also those who feel they don’t need it or may underestimate it, here are the benefits obtained by the Tri number when registered in the SFH program (Study from home);

– Offers 40GB internet quota for 1 rupiah

– Savings packages for school children can be accessed via dial code *111*1#

– Internet quota up to 4GB every time a user tops up credit

– Get internet quota every month with details for PAUD levels (7GB/month), elementary and high school levels (10GB/month), PAUD-SD-SMP teachers (12GB/month), lecturers and students (15GB/month)

Tri’s policies can change at any time in line with government regulations regarding learning methods during the Covid-19 pandemic

Dolly Susanto, Chief Marketing Officer of Tri Indonesia said, this additional study quota was an initiative of Tri Indonesia to support the internet quota package assistance program from the government for PJJ activities from September to November 2021.

“Tri Indonesia wants to provide more benefits for students and educators so that learning activities remain smooth with the support of adequate quotas and internet access to participate in the online learning process during the pandemic,” he said.

Terms and conditions of getting a 40GB Tri package offer for 1 rupiah;

– This Tri-Customer Learning Program has a registration deadline of August 28, 2021 and the realization is for 3 months, namely September – October – November … so if you register after August 28, 2021, it means that you are waiting for information on the extension of the SFH package from the Ministry of Education and Culture

How to check the savings package for school children on the Tri card

1. Dial to *111*1# (choose a low-cost package)

40GB tri package for 1 rupiah

How to get Tri internet quota bonus up to 4GB

Please reload prepaid credit according to the conditions below, the customer will automatically receive an internet quota bonus according to the denomination of the top up credit;

Tri internet quota bonus up to 4GB

* This program is only valid 1 (one) time on the same day, so if you top up Rp.50,000 100 times on the same day, you will only get 1x internet quota bonus

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How to bring up the 40GB tri package for 1 rupiah

Make sure your number has been registered by the school or campus as a recipient of internet data package assistance from the government, at the beginning of the month when you receive an SMS notification that an internet package from the Ministry of Education and Culture has been added usually accompanied by an offer of a 40GB package for 1 rupiah

tri 40GB for 1 rupiah

An internet quota of 40GB with an active period of 30 days may seem large, but it’s not really because of the quota distribution;

– 3GB quota can be used for 24 hours throughout the Tri network, both 2G, 3G and 4GB

– The remaining 37GB can only be used to access online learning platforms such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Webex, Zoom Meeting, Whatsapp)

The Internet Data Quota Package above is an all network access package with restrictions on access to: sites blocked by the Ministry of Communication and Information (b0k3p), as well as the following list of pages and applications;

Categories of social networks: Badoo, Bigolive, Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, Pinterest, Snackvideo, Snapchat, Tinder, Tumblr, Twitter, Vive, Vkontakte, YY

Game category: 8 Ball Pool, Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, Clash of Kings Clash Royale, Crisis Action, Fifa, Mobile Football, Garena Garena AOV, Garena Free Fire, Growtopia, Lineage Revolution, Lords Mobile : Battle of the Empires, Mobile Legends, PUBG , Roblox, Steam

Video streaming categories: Dailymotion, JWPlayer, Likee, Netflix, QQVideo, Tiktok, TVUNetworks, Viu

This study package program is only valid for students, students, teachers, lecturers, whose numbers have been registered as recipients of internet quota package assistance during the period.

For more information, you can contact Tri Care Indonesia Customer via the contact below;

  • Access 3Chat via the bima+ app;
  • Twitter @3CareIndonesia;
  • WhatsApp 08999800123;
  • Telegram @TriIndonesiaCare_bot;
  • Email: [email protected];
  • Telephone: 132 (from Tri number) / 089644000123 (from other operator numbers); or
  • Visit the nearest 3Store.

Through this initiative, the Tri provider supports adequate internet access for students and students who take part in the online learning process during the covid-19 pandemic, so please make the best use of it to support the learning process instead of spending it on streaming Korean drama films or playing games all day Hopefully, with the initiation of a cheap package from Tri, it can reduce the burden on parents in meeting the needs of internet data quota for their children. Thank you and thank you

General questions about 40GB internet quota for 1 rupiah from Tri;

1. If I register now August 30, 2021, then September – October – November can I get a cheap Tri 40GB package offer?

No, the latest registration for a period of 3 months (September – October – November) is August 28, 2021, if you register after August 28, 2021, you may get internet quota in the next period (December, January, February)

2. My number has been registered by the school or campus, how do I activate the cheap 40GB package for 1 rupiah?

After your number has been validated by the government as a recipient of internet package assistance for the period September – November 2021, you will automatically receive a notification that the additional quota for SFH has been successfully added after that before the 15th you will receive an SMS offer to activate the 40GB package worth 1 rupiah

3. Will the customer receive an SMS notification when the quota has been activated?

Of course, you will receive an SMS notification that the 40GB internet package has been successfully activated along with the details

4. Does every month during the internet package assistance program period (September-November) customers get a 40GB package offer at a cost of 1 rupiah?

No, this package is only offered once during the 3-month program period



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