How to Block Fraud Accounts Online

How to Block Fraud Accounts Online

Are you exposed to online fraud mode? Have you already transferred some money to the fraudster’s account? Here are some ways to block fraudulent accounts through banks that you can do:

How to Block Fraud Accounts Online

Call the Bank Call Center to Report Fraud You Experience

When you realize that you have been caught by a fraudster, immediately report the incident that you have experienced to the bank. The trick is to call the bank’s call center number. Once connected, please describe the scam you experienced.

In addition to contacting the bank’s call center, you can also send an email regarding this. However, the telephone option via the bank’s call center has more advantages compared to other options. First, you will have the opportunity to connect and communicate directly with the bank’s call center officers. And secondly, it’s faster and more responsive than email options.

When on the phone, ask about some of the terms and procedures for blocking a fraudulent account.

Prepare proof of transaction

After making a report via the bank’s call center, then you can prepare evidence of the fraud that you experienced. For example, screenshots of the conversation between you and the scammer. Either via SMS, WhatsApp, BBM, and the like.

Also prepare proof of transfer, either online, bank receipts, or ATM receipts.

Prepare the data of the fraudster

Second, you can prepare the fraudster’s data. The data you must have includes the name of the owner and the fraudster’s account number, phone number, and also the online shop or email of the fraudster. This can be a Facebook account or an Instagram account, or a place/account where you see the services & products of the fraudster.

Complete the terms and documents required

Prepare a photocopy of your ID card, chronology of fraud, request letter to block signatures on stamp duty, as well as a statement letter to the local police.

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Go to the Bank in question

Next, after all the preparations are complete. Go to the bank concerned with bringing all the files needed to report this fraudulent act. The bank will process the report you made and block the fraudster’s account.

The bank will also verify the accuracy of the data and contact the party whose account will be blocked to ask for clarification.

At this stage, the bank can also bring you together with the recipient of the transfer to clarify each other. This can be done in person or via teleconference with the intermediary of the bank.

Usually after the bank temporarily blocks the fraudster’s account. The fraudster must immediately make a clarification and to reopen the account, the fraudster must return some funds to you. Once your funds are returned and you agree to resolve the issue. Then, the bank will open the account (depending on the conditions).

How to Freeze a Fraud Fund Account?

What if you transfer your money to a non-bank or fraudulent bank account? But through fraudulent e-wallet accounts like DANA? Can we apply for the blocking of the fraudulent DANA account? Yes, here are the steps:

  • Contact DANA customer service via WhatsApp at the following number 0819-1150-0445. Immediately state the problem you are experiencing. Also provide the transaction ID and send some evidence of communication between the fraudsters, such as in the form of screenshots as supporting evidence.
  • You can also make reports and complaints through 24/7 customer service via email [email protected] or via number 1500445.

The DANA party will verify your report and the fraudulent DANA account will be suspended.

How to Block Fraud Accounts Through Bank BTN

If the fraudster uses a Bank BTN account. You can make a report and include supporting evidence via email to Jenius Help at [email protected] You must submit several required documents, including:

  • KTP (Resident Identity Card)
  • Active mobile number and email address
  • Fraud perpetrator data (full name and also the BTPN Bank account number he used)
  • Evidence of communication with the fraudster (can be in the form of phone recordings or screenshots via WhatsApp, SMS, or so on)
  • Proof of transfer or payment to a fraudulent BTPN Bank account

After you have successfully submitted the report, Bank BTPN will process your report and verify it. If it is proven that they have committed fraud, Jenius and Bank BTPN will take strict action against the fraudster.

How to Block Fraud Accounts Through BCA Bank

If your fraudulent account number is Bank BCA, to do the blocking and for further information regarding the procedures and requirements, you can contact the Bank BCA customer service account at:

  • Phone: (021) 235 88000
  • Call Halo BCA: 1500888
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Twitter: @HaloBCA
  • Whatsapp: 0811500998
  • Livechat:

How to Block Fraud Accounts Through BRI Bank

To block a fraudulent bank account at BRI Bank, you can visit a BRI Bank branch office or contact the BRI Bank contact below:

  • Facebook : BANK BRI
  • Twitter : @kontkBRI
  • Email : [email protected]
  • Tel: 14017 or (021) 1500 017
  • Web:


If you are being scammed by transferring to a fraudulent account, then you can immediately report it so that the fraudulent account is blocked by the bank until the problem is resolved. In this case, you must prepare several supporting documents and evidence of fraud. You can make your own reports and complaints via telephone to the bank’s customer service or by going directly to the bank.



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