How to Become a Notary PPAT Stages of the School Process in Indonesia

How to Become a Notary PPAT Stages of the School Process in Indonesia Let’s introduce you, bubuk, dad and all my friends 🙂

NOTARY AND PPAT are two different positions but are run by one person.

How to Become a Notary PPAT Stages of the School Process in Indonesia

So, we will discuss the process of becoming a Notary first.

Ok ok.. okeee???

Number 1. to continue studying the Notary profession, you must have passed S1- Law Studies. It’s up to you to take your consent in what jurisdiction, whether civil, criminal, HTN, HAN, International Law, Public Relations/others in your FH

Ex: I’m in S1 taking jur HAN (Hk. State Adm)

so you don’t have to be legal H. Civil, friends

But it’s better jur. Civil law so that if you are studying, you can connect and not get confused about what 1338 BW is, what 1320 BW is, etc. because I learned a lot about civil law, HK. Company, inheritance, tax etc.

I’m here because I’m originally from HAN, so I have to learn again, aka repeating the Pdt’s study, whose basic knowledge is only thin.

Number 2. After completing S1 Law, you must continue to S2-Master in Notary. Generally at the end of 2 years (could be faster, could be longer, aka depending on the client)

The lectures are honestly not tired. when compared to the process after graduation

But whatever the process, it must be carried out in order to become a public official

So, a notary is a public official who is authorized to make an authentic deed and has other authorities as referred to in other laws (this is the content of article 1 point 1 UUJN).

Later, those who are interested in becoming a notary can download the UUJN, then try reading and exploring the articles / articles

Number 3. Okay, finished the Notary Masters course with a degree M.Kn

Example: Dara Ayuwi, SH, M.Kn

Will you go straight to the office after graduation?

Oh of course not honey..

After graduating & getting a diploma, you have to register & take THIS ALB Exam.

Where to follow?

You can wait for the announcement from this local regional government. Usually held in February, May, Aug, & Nov

Was the exam difficult?

NO! if you study

After passing the ALB Exam, are you able to open an office?

Not yet dear

You have to register on this website first, how do you do it?

Panjaaagg …!!!

The point is that you fill in your personal data, by registering 2.5 million (using billing), then you will get the ALB number.

What is the use of No. ALB?

The ALB number is a sign that we are registered as an Extraordinary Member of the Indonesian Notary Association.

No.ALB is usually used for internships, joint internships, Uken and sometimes seminars.

Get ready to go around town looking for points and take the exam

Number 4. after becoming THIS ALB

You are required to do an internship for 24 consecutive months at the Notary’s office.

Can the internship be free? Whose office is it?

Usually, the notary who receives the internship is a notary who has been appointed by the local regional government. The notary who receives the internship must have an office min. 5 yrs.


INI Regional Administrator = INI Regional Administrator

INI Pengwil = INI Region Administrator

INI PP = INI Central Management

Be an intern check

So, during your internship, you participate in the process/deed making. In this internship, you really learn alias forged to be ready to open an office later.

Be mentally prepared, of course, shaay, so you won’t be surprised if you meet a client

So, is it only an internship for 24 months?


During the internship, every semester, aka every 6 months, we will join the MABER aka Internship Together.

There is Maber 1

There is Maber 2

There is Maber 3

There is Maber 4

We have to face everything and get through it, of course with a smile

What is a joint internship?

It’s like evaluation.

Well that’s it..

So the material for each semester is different.

Is it hard??

The bottom line is LEARN!!!

Because there is also an exam every semester

So, don’t be lazy to study, be diligent in upgrading your knowledge

those who want to ask please drop a question.

Here I just want to share, not want to teach or anything.

Number 5. OK, let’s close for the MABER.

During the 24-month internship, we also have to collect 18 points in seminars

Consists of point seminars held by the Regional Government, Regional Government and PP


2 points

4 points

PP 6 points

Ready to save shayy

Then you can randomly participate in whichever seminar is important, a total of 18 points that include the three organizers

Ex: it’s me, friends,

Now I have 3 regional government certificates, each with 4 points, if you add up it becomes 12 points.

And, 1 regional government certificate containing 2 points.

If the total means I already have 14 points.

Still less than 4 points right?

So, let’s check it out:

local government


PP ?

Because I haven’t gotten the 6-point PP seminar, so I have to catch up with the 6-point PP seminar organized by INI.

Pray for me to get a PP seminar quota, guys

You know, the points are already 14teen. If you add 6, you get 20 points.

Gpp is more, less is not because it is a requirement for us to join UKEN!

What is UKEN? I’ll explain later


We can usually attend the seminars in the city/district where we live. The point is, if the regional government/registrar does it, yes.

But usually do it?

So don’t worry if someone doesn’t want to go to a city seminar

Want to attend a seminar out of town?

Very boleeeeeh..

how can you? because we can meet other MKN alumni from various regions and campuses, of course, we can share information with each other.

because friends from all over the world are also able to tell us what seminars they have at their regional government/regional government.

Okay, discussing the seminar, there must be a fee, okay?

Oh of course there is..

Curious ????

Don’t you know?

The seminar fee is priced from 350 thousand – 800 thousand / even a million. Depends on what the material is and how it is carried out.

Is there any compulsion to follow all of that?


We are not forced to always attend seminars.

It all depends on us.

Have you got enough points/not yet, do you have to come or not

It all depends on us, friends

If you have luck, maybe you can join, if you’re dragging, you can postpone it.

You’ve been chasing these points during your 24 month internship, so you can just hang out a little

Do you want to join those who are in the city or those who are out of town? Can. Free.

the 18 points are fulfilled as a requirement to join UKEN.

350 thousand what I said was because I just attended a seminar held by the regional government with a value of 2 points

for the pengwil usually the rate is 500 thousand

If PP, maybe a million

So, apart from internships, we also have to save, friends.

What do we do at the seminar?


Science must be upgraded, dear, dear!

“There are incredible results behind a long process”

That’s what I always plant in my heart and mind.

So, just enjoy the process.

Insyaallah the office will open on time


Number 6. I’ve had an internship of 24 months, I’ve finished, I’ve collected 18 points

tr what???


Notary Code of Ethics Examination

How’s the exam?

Is it hard?

Definitely not!!

If you study!!

Read, learn & understand


Because of what? That’s our guideline while serving as a Notary

A little info from seniors who have been UKEN before.

Must memorize:

THIS hymn and the oath of office text

If you are diligent in attending seminars, you will know the hymn

Other? Keep learning and understanding, guys.

LEARN, understand every article/article of UUJN and the code of ethics

And cheers!!

UKEN finished, can you open an office?

Not yet..

Be patient..

A little bit more…

So what’s the process??

Wait yaa…

Ntr reconnected

Number 7. UKEN already..

Do you understand?

Well.. after UKEN is finished, we will meet again with the name PPKJN

What the hell??

Notary Position Quality Improvement Training

Isn’t it mandatory?

Yes obligatory..

This is the last process before being appointed as a Notary, aka the Oath of Notary Position.

PPKJN is organized by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

When is it held?

Just wait,

Diligently check the web for sure and often share with these ALB friends selindo

This quota is the quota for Selindo, guys..

so who’s fast he can

Then, what else?

Take all the required documents then submit an application for the appointment of a Notary to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights

Wait for the decree, then the Inauguration and Appointment of Oaths

Open the office deeehhh

Is it okay to open the office???

Not yet shaaayyy

There are other conditions that must be met for the smooth administration of our office later.

What’s that???

Just a moment

otw go to the house first

Already full of fried snacks

After the appointment & oath, the Notary is obliged to carry out his duties for real

Trs is obliged to provide the minutes of the oath, sample signature, initials, notary stamp, office address to the mayor/regent, PN, organizational assembly, ministers, and mpd

For details, try to open UUJN article 7

That’s just a NOTARY process


The PPAT process is different from a Notary.

How is it different???

Yes it’s different

Even the ministry is different

Notary = Ministry of Law and Human Rights

PPAT = Ministry of ATR/ BPN

Here are some ways to become a Notary School Process in Indonesia


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