How to Avoid Korean Kpop Photocard Scam Scams

How to Avoid Korean Kpop Photocard Scam Scams – Actually, it’s easy to avoid scammers when buying a PC, it’s simple when a shopee account, payment account, and twt account is clear where the account is a real account and in accordance with the seller. As a seller, I’m never ashamed to be honest, please let me know my shopee & payment account.

There must be additional ways to avoid this kpop merch scam

If it’s on GO, make sure the owner checks out himself from the store’s official website

Ask for proof of what cake, the main thing must be confirmed

What I still don’t know is to avoid scammers outside of Indonesia

but not all sellers who ask for splitpay are scammers, hehe.. sometimes it’s really BU but the buyer asks to keep the event, so they have to splitpay 😀 + to avoid hrs too. So please understand each other guys 😮

It’s simple so you don’t get hit by an indo seller scammer, my version

“don’t ask to keep event”

“direct fullpay shopee admin gpp borne by the buyer or skip”

Don’t forget to first check the account number using, if you are cheated, you can also report the account number there too.

one other trick to see if he bought an account or not: type his username in the search bar, if it doesn’t appear at the top it means he just changed his usn. this often happens for those who cheat paypal / tf won / and the like

How to Avoid Korean Kpop Photocard Scam Scams

1. check shopee account

How to Avoid Korean Kpop Photocard Scam Scams

Usually, scammers use an empty shopee account / take it with someone, so if the account is new and there is no assessment, SKIP DIRECTLY ️

2. check his instagram / twitter account

scammer seller usually uses an empty Instagram / twitter account (if twitter can see the date he created an account, but if he buys a SM org account, check if he has interacted with Moots) because after cheating, he will definitely not be active anymore, 100% real, it’s proven, dude.

3. check spay number

(if the tag is empty, just skip it)

By checking on Get Contact, we can also at least know a little info, for example where you go to school or where you work. Let’s just say that the fraudster says “this is your new number, bro”, maybe his family doesn’t have a number to save his Samsek?

4. scammers usually add in rush and ask for splitpay (so we can’t return the spay amount we TF) because shopee is not responsible for transactions outside of buying and selling goods at the registered shopee.

5. don’t believe even though our goods have been processed (you can use a fake address and not send it until it’s canceled by the system)

6. The video proof can be real, but the goods are not sent. so don’t believe only with videos or proofs that have your name

7. Seller scammers usually use a blank Shopee/Instagram/Twitter account. After cheating, the account will no longer be active, because this account is made specifically for scamming people, and he will definitely repeat the same thing, so the empty account is a red flag

8. Don’t be tempted by the seller who says “100% trustworthy” “God willing, it’s safe” “I’m still afraid than” fraudsters are never afraid than guys

9. If you’re really in rush, you can request a transfer via BANK but I can’t guarantee it’s safe either, it’s better

keep skipping. (because if you want to create a bank you must at least have a real name, compared to spay whose names can be odd or free)


1. Don’t be tempted by low rates

2. Scroll to the account first, check the number of tweets, media & likes

3. Don’t want to make transactions using e-wallet (funds, spay, ovo etc)

4. Transactions using major banks (BCA, BNI, BRI, Mandiri etc)

5. Search “shopee” in his account (he has sold at shopee or not)

6. Check the username in the Twitter searchbar

7. Check the phone number on the Twitter searchbar & get a contact (usually I ask for a new fund/spay number)

8. Don’t be in rush

9. It is recommended not to make transactions in the middle of the night (scammers wandering around)

10. Don’t transact with a new account, con: twt 100, suddenly lots of Paypal transactions

A few ways to avoid Korean kpop photocard scammers.


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