How to Auto Like and Auto Comment the Latest Instagram Home

How to Auto Like and Auto Comment Instagram Home – One way to get lots of likes on Instagram photos that we upload is to like our friends’ photos every time they upload a photo or video.

99% of nature’s laws apply in this social media, when we give, we get what we give in return without begging

But we don’t have time to scroll through Instagram pages every day to like our friends’ photos and videos, do we?

Even if there is time, this activity must be tiring and a little time-consuming, and can actually be used for other more useful things.

Latest Instagram Auto Like Timeline Node Script. This time the admin will share a script file How to Auto Like and Auto Comment on the Instagram homepage posting friends’ photos on the Instagram timeline without using software or applications to be online 24 hours a day,

The system settings automatically like every photo sent by your friends, namely this node script is real-time, so the latest posts that appear on the timeline will be liked immediately.

In my opinion, this method is also the easiest of the previous methods. Use these tools to help make your Instagram activities easier, including how to automatically and quickly bomb photos of friends, .

How to Auto Like and Auto Comment on the Latest Instagram Homepage

BOT IG – Auto Like & Auto Comment Timeline (auto scroll if all main timelines have been liked)

How to Auto Like and Auto Comment Instagram Timeline

for comments input in the comment.txt file

* Use termux / Windows Terminal (Python and Node JS already installed)

All how to install it search on google

If you have everything installed, use this:

How to use:

– git clone

– go to instagram-auto folder

– npm i

– node auto_like_timeline.js

* Edit the comment. txt the contents of the inside can be added to the words


Toolsig PHP Version [Beta Release]

Instagram Tools Based on PHP (This script or code was created by Firdy).



git clone

cd toolsig-php

php index.php


FLC Target Followers (fft)

Auto Like Timeline (botlike)

Unfollow All Following

Unfollow Not Followback


[25/01/2020] Toolsig PHP Version [Beta Release]

[25/01/2020] Improvements In Display Program & Changes in system usage programs to make it easier to use.

[26/01/2020] Already tested on the Termux (Android) application and the Xampp (Win) shell.

[26/01/2020] Fix input password that doesn’t work properly.

did you get a checkpoint? Read Well!

“Run Tools -> Get CP -> Open your IG -> Verify Code -> Login Tools Again -> Get CP -> Open your IG -> Select It’s Me -> Login Tools again and success!”

A few ways to auto like and auto comment the latest Instagram homepage


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