How to Add Telegram Group Members Automatically

How to Add Telegram Group Members Automatically Telegram Group Scrapper And Auto Invite Member – If you are asked what is the best chat application besides WhatsApp, the answer is Telegram. This app offers benefits and advantages over other messenger apps.

Previously, we discussed how to quickly and easily create a Telegram group, and how to manage it so that it is crowded. A very useful feature is groups. With the following features, you can share information or sell goods, of course you want to have many Telegram members, yes, there are several ways to inject other group members into your group, one of which is by using bots.

Here we will use Auto Invite and Telegram bot Scrapper

Telegram is more than just entertainment, it has become a tool for making money and marketing online. Many people make money by adding members to form Telegram groups.

Therefore, apart from being a source of income, Telegram is also a source of services and products for advertisers.

However, as a group or channel admin or the most important thing you should look for is increasing the number of members. The more members your group has, the better your chances of attracting ads and monetizing.

Well, this time we will discuss more deeply about how to add Telegram group members quickly and automatically.

Here, we have two ways to do it. We will use bots for computers and on cellphones

How to Add Telegram Group Members Automatically

Script Material: Here

Tool: Linux Terminal / Windows CMD (Desktop)
Termux (Android)

Free to choose which one

Desktop Tutorials:

1. Log in to using a telegram account (login with your verification)

2. Continue to make the application like this:

How to Add Telegram Group Members Automatically

then enter the menu developers tool for making api_id and api_hash

How to Add Telegram Group Members Automatically

3. run script in terminal / CMD

How to Add Telegram Group Members Automatically

4. Open the folder tele-scrap

5. Open our terminal / CMD Install python3 by typing the command below:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install software-properties-common && sudo add-apt-repository ppa:deadsnakes/ppa && sudo apt update && sudo apt install python3.8

6. Then Install pip3

sudo apt update && sudo apt install python3-pip

7. Install the Telethon package

pip3 install telethon

8. run the script


9. later asked to enter api_id and api_hash that was made

10. choose group which will be scraped

11. choose ggoal group those who want to auto invite members

Code for termux:

cd ~/ && pkg install unzip -y && pkg install wget -y && pkg install python3 –upgrade python && python3 -m pip install Telethon –upgrade telethon && wget main/ && unzip && cd tele-scrap && python3


“Getting Flood Error from telegram. Script is stopping now. Please try again after some time.”

change account or wait tomorrow, usually you can do it again or delete the session and then log in with another account.

Apart from Telegram’s useful features, it turns out that there are some very useful bots to help us out.

to do or run automatically you can buy rdp or vps, yes, let me know

That’s how to add automatic Telegram group members.


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