How To Add New Emoji On Android Keyboard

How to Add New Emojis to the Android Keyboard and How to Get Android to Use New Emojis – Tired of the usual emojis? you should try the new feature of Google Keyboard, zfont 3 emoji combo. We will discuss How To Add New Emoji On Android Keyboard

Smartphones with physical keyboards were very popular in the past before the advent of touch screen smartphones. But with the development of time and technology. The keyboard on a smartphone is one of the most important components. How not, everything related to typing requires a keyboard.

Some Android users sometimes envy certain features on the iPhone. One of the most interesting features iPhone users use is the Emoji feature in the iOS version. Emoticons or also known as emojis are features that we often use in our chat activities in Chat or also post captions on social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Well, for those of you who really want to use the emoji feature on iOS or iPhone. You can do this by following some of the steps outlined in this article.

We all know that every smartphone nowadays comes with a keyboard app by default. The functions on this keyboard are starting to change, some can change themes, type with voice, and others. This emoji combo is a fun feature where you can show a new emoji by combining 2 different emojis.

Before we start, I’m using OPPO A57 here, and you guys are definitely familiar with the applications that will be in this article, but because there are new emojis, I want to make a tutorial that hopefully will be easy for you to understand.

How To Add New Emoji On Android Keyboard

1) Download Zfont 3 on PlayStore

2) Open Zfont 3 app

Well, this is the first page, right, just scroll down until you find it “Emoticon” and click on the top emoji selection (no.1)

3) Apply Font

well here you click “Apply“and if i click on that”Font Style“Just because if you support dai characters, it’s complicated, you have to change the language, etc

4) Install Fonts

here you click”Install“until it actually installs like the second pic huh..

and when it’s installed, you’ll be redirected to pic 1 and click “Change Font” dehh

5) lastly, just choose the font that is iOS16 and it’s already installed

6) In addition, don’t forget to use Gboard as the keyboard! and those who have used Gboard, don’t forget to update it, because if it’s not updated you can only see the emoji but it’s not available on your keyboard.

How To Add New Emoji On Android Keyboard

That’s all, it’s adjusted again to your cellphone type, but the important thing is to install the iOS16 font first and then adjust it to your cellphone settings~ Some have to change the theme, to manual font settings, etc.

For those of you who might know other ways or tips, you can just reply so I’ll post this thread later and many people can read—so we can both experience the new emojis, of course.

Question session:

1. I want to ask, how do you update your Gboard?

– in the playstore sis, I’ve updated this one so it says “open” if not then it says “update”

2. Hello, I want to ask, do I have to use gboard? Can you use the default Samsung keyboard or not? Thanks

– it’s okay bro, it just depends on what the cellphone has in stock, the keyboard provides a choice of new emoji or not, because if the keyboard isn’t there, it’s a bit complicated when you want to use it because you have to copy and paste it first

3. I want to ask if you have downloaded the gboard, then the gboard is deleted, is the sticker still there or not?

– I’ve just tried it and I can still see the emoji, bro, but the ones on the regular keyboard aren’t available, so if you use it, you have to copy and paste it first. if on gboard auto complete

Although not all emojis can be combined, this feature is worth a try, in applications such as Telegram, WhatsApp or on social networks, emoticons are used quite often. There are also users who want to create their own emoji, so that users can also share them with friends through the application they are using. With the increasing popularity of emoji and smartphone applications in the culture of the digital era, many people also want to try it

That’s How To Add New Emojis On The Android Keyboard.


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