How to Add Aesthetic Symbols on Twitter’s Web Profile

How to Add Aesthetic Symbols on Twitter Web Profile – I like twitter where i can talk about everything without anyone knowing, i like pinterest everything there is very aesthetic and also don’t need to think about the number of likes. We’re just on Twitter and on IG, so we’re different people, right? My ig bio is only “⭐” wkwkwk. The post is also aesthetic and then a little WKWK. Try on Twitter, name, bio, etc. as long as WKWK Twitter accounts that are friends with RL’s friends are also like that, not just FA. Yes, especially J wow wow here he is chomping

I often find olshops either on twitter or on IG whose important information is written in “aesthetic” style. Yes, it’s okay if it’s a part that isn’t too important like a slogan, etc. But the problem is that the item name, description, even address can’t be read on all devices

How to Add Aesthetic Symbols on Twitter's Web Profile

i don’t know why au like this is always busy, the oc is already rich in the aesthetic version, and the nct dream member as a boy group who’s protecting the oc, lol and the author trying so hard to make the “Savage girl” character, and the “no refusal” or “go home or I will come”

Indeed, IG and Twitter are like different markets. Ig is mostly aesthetic cake, while Twitter is the other side of us that people see.

Can this be Twitter if I vent it can be more than 100 words because my rant doesn’t look aesthetic and there’s no vibes when I break up like this and I’m also tired because I only want to use this account as a place for my vent until whenever and until I don’t is in the world

And someone found that all of my life stories are true” I’m spouting it because NO ONE IN THE WORLD understands how I feel about my situation, that’s why I’m venting it all out on Twitter, at least I’m relieved after telling the story, even though no one has heard that Twitter is a witness.

My Twitter is already aesthetic like Suho. It’s all right, just have a discussion with mama papa kim what custom you want to use later

1. Please open Twitter first
2. Then go to your profile settings
3. Continue to copy the symbol below, choose freely

[𓊿] bts .xn--887d

[♥︎] mimi .xn--g6h

[꧔] jung .xn--sn9a

[♡̷̷ˎˊ˗] april .xn--0qah2a36aa4215c

[❐] bff .xn--5di

[🧸] taehyung .xn--fw9h

[🍒] nam .xn--si8h

[è´¡] idol .xn--vn3a

[♡ˎˊ] staygold .xn--0qah434y

[🥂] gabi .xn--7q9h

[🎐] hope .xn--kk8h

[⛓] namjoon .xn--l9h

[㣽] hoseok .xn--g2l

[✰] taehyung .xn--8ci

[✩⡱] LY .xn--1ci06b

[𓍯] answers .xn--9e8d

[☆] yoongi .xn--q3h

[ˎˊ˗] taegi .xn--0qah2a

[★] vkook .xn--p3h

[☾] moonchild .xn--c5h

[☁️] namjin .xn--l3h

[𓍢🥡] cns .xn--we8d8294a

[ৎ୭] idol .xn--c7b44f

[🥢] carry .xn--4r9h

[💭] rm .xn--z910o

[冬] jm .xn--z7q

[❩] jjk .xn--vei

[𖧧] kth .xn--os9e

[⟭⟬] bts .xn--miib

[ᴗ̈] tete .xn--ssa554k

[♡⡱] magicshop .xn--c6h87e

[𖠳] kim .xn--7f9e

[ꕤ] park .xn--cq8a

[✩] min .xn--1ci

[˃ᴗ˂] genie .xn--sqab433r

[🍃] jeon .xn--di8h

[🍓] yoon .xn--ti8h

[⋆] augustd .xn--yfh

[✦] suga .xn--yci

[ ≮ ] Taekook .xn--gdh

[✤] Vmin .xn--wci

[⇋] JIKOOK .xn--s7g

[❂] Sope .xn--rdi

[〄] Taegi .xn--t6j

[✪] Namjin .xn--2ci

[❃] Yoonmin .xn--sdi

4. After that paste it, but add the front http:// yes

5. If you click save

*Note: If you have your own emoji and want to use it as a web code, use this link: Click here

All you have to do is copy and paste the one you want to put on your w3b profile, then you delete the space mark (pcs1), click save, it will automatically save the web (pics2) Pss: You can change the words in front of it as you wish.

I just found out that namjoon replaced ava. he’s the same as me who changed ava, he’s been struggling dozens of times—what’s the best, what’s good, doesn’t it work, not to mention the problem with headers not connecting to ava, keep typing on pinterest “header twitter aesthetic”

That’s How To Add Aesthetic Symbols On Twitter’s Web Profile


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