How not to lose stars in Thetan Arena when you lose

How To Not Drop Stars in Thetan Arena When You Lose – Thetan Arena is an e-sports game based on blockchain technology. You can gather friends, form a team, fight with others and make money. In addition, this game can be played for free and allows players to earn money.

Thetan Arena Game or theta coin, gthc coin is a game designed to allow players to combine teamwork in the game. There are many challenging things in the game mode, whether it’s MOBA or battle royale and so on.

Many prizes will be distributed by the players. Through the NFT system, players can sell one of two items while playing the game. The items are thc tokens and theta coins. Both items can be converted into real money. The available currency is Thetan coins which can be exchanged for other players.

To make money in this game, you have to collect Thetan Coins in Thetan Arena (gTHC). Thetan Coin is Thetan Arena’s main trading medium.

Thetan Coin (GTHC) of the game can be exchanged or sold for other crypto assets. This GTHC can also be used to buy heroes and skins at Thetan Arena. TheTan Arena is still in the process of developing various systems and is expected to start playing from January 2022 to March 2022 which will open the Battle Royale system first. Thetan Arena game is a multiplayer online battle arena, just released on AlphaTest.

Of course, the game is free and allows players to earn money. About Thetan Arena coin game According to the official website, this game was created to allow players to participate in the game by combining their abilities and teamwork.

THETAN ARENA game BUG I’m tired of pushing and losing, it’s better to just use this bug so it won’t be minus the tier. Bugs so that the tier is not minus.

How not to lose stars in Thetan Arena when you lose

1. Open theran arena game
2. Play theran arena game as usual

3. Now, if the score looks lost, exit the game, close it 5 seconds .
* Seconds want to lose in 5 seconds. Direct close the game

4. Continue to pause 1-5 minutes, and log in again to check history/tier, not minus.

5. Done

*If this method doesn’t work, it means the patch has been updated with the developer, wait for the next update, there will be another trick here.

Thetan Arena game is a MOBA that has just passed the alpha test. Of course, it is free to play and players can earn money. The mission of this game is not only to create e-sports games, but also platform games that connect cryptocurrency holders, gamers, and streaming media.

Some Ways Not To Drop Stars In Thetan Arena When You Lose.


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