Horror Stories on the Latest IPB Campus and Dormitory

Horror Stories in the Campus and Dormitory of IPB – Each campus must have its own mysterious story, including the campus that already has a “name” in Bogor. Who does not know the name Bogor Agricultural University (IPB)? IPB also has a pretty scary urban legend, which was revealed in the campus community.

The ghost story next door is the most famous. People who used to stay up all night in the dormitory were no stranger to this figure. It is said that the ghost next door is the ghost that disturbs the students the most, especially the ghost who likes to stay up late or at dawn.

There is a story, when a group of female students were talking in their room, their room was suddenly knocked on, and a voice outside answered that it was the person next door.

A student opened the door, she was shocked and scared when she found out that the knocker was indeed a person. They thought it was the person in the next room.

The IPB campus is really a ghost nest. There’s always been a lot of bats in the past, in the city it’s just a nest

Horror Stories in the Campus and Dormitory of IPB

Horror Stories in the Campus and Dormitory of IPB

1. lunchtime It’s the same at the Gunung Gede campus, maybe if the vocational school children are used to the “mothers” who guard the secretariat of the vocational school, it’s like a haunted house.

2. late afternoon It’s just an old building, even though it’s filled with all immigrants, like those who like to be Dutch noni noni, the old ones are G and P at least.

What’s cool is that in Dramaga, what has been taken from customary land and community gardens is turned into a campus. We start from the smallest to the most nests of nests.

3. front campus, if the faperta are at least “kids” like to run in the middle of the night with unclear voices, continue to

4. back campus, this is starting to get fun, if the fpik is at the pool, it’s really busy, but if the fpik kids are great, when they come back, they don’t “bring” anything,

If it’s in Fapet, it’s pretty cool, at level 5, the former biochemist, in the hallway there is P jumping and jumping, in the Fapet lab, someone moves and moves, slides, slides,

Whether you like someone who likes to turn into someone, if it’s fkh mayan, there’s a K in the back tree, if you’re lucky you like to be seen, the rest is as usual.

5. hostel

The hostel doesn’t know who brought it, but it’s often “brought” from the area, like a newbie, he’s given “protection” by his parents, even though he’s left behind in the hostel.

If the female dorm is mostly a child who likes to run, the flying security guard (originally the original security guard, only the khodam is around), the one who likes to call from the outside,

It’s the same if the A5 hostel is in the corner, it’s because it’s rarely touched by humans.

When it comes to male dorms, it only smells like what’s wrong, usually it’s there when you’re new to the beginning and like to make it smell good, after reading the hall, the hallway also disappears, the smell is usually fragrant when boys are on it (cont)

hanging out in one of the rooms after that it was sompral until the middle of the night. but there are some that are the most different, dormitory C2, hallway 4, I said, the funniest thing is, someone left a small child in the corner of the stairs between hallway 3 and 4, behind C2, hallway 4, right in the forest, there likes to have heads flying at the most.

6. cage and cikabayan

The cage with Cikabayan has started to pass, the definition of You name it we have it if it is there, especially if the river is behind IPB, don’t be alone if you go there, it’s a bit extreme there until I once found a former pesugihan



This is bad, I didn’t want to enter the fahutan building because of this. Fahutan is already like a market, but I don’t know why it’s getting quieter now, in the past, children from Fahutan often “brought” when they came back from the field, usually because there were somprals in the field. in fahutan, which is often in the old ksh building, in the captivity toilet, someone calls out to them, in the senses lab someone moves them, when it’s night time to go to the building there is a “market on the 2nd floor” the sound is very noisy on the 1st floor , but right on the 2nd floor (it was immediately quiet, smelled of rotten jackfruit (a sign that you were at G’s feet, the nutmeg was on the 2nd floor, who likes to show his face at sunset, G who likes to whistle in the laboratory, K who likes to be around) it’s an old building, btw if you look for the K named M**** it’s near the mnh lab, the road between Kornita high school and the inter dormitory, the tree is there (btw the story of M**** and the flying security guard has been around since the class 20).

honorable mention

1. Leadership dorm

they’re really nice as long as you’re not just sompral, they make you sleep in the leadership dormitory really well and wake you up in the morning.

2. Grave near the passageway behind the leadership dormitory

at least it smells rancid at night

3. TL’s rear pavilion

it has a sacred grave, if people can see it says there is a pavilion like that, usually for (cont)

Putting offerings there is the same as asking for something

4. rectorate

Do you like someone who actually accompanies us when we take money at an independent atm at the rectorate at night, try checking once if the leg is there or not?

don’t forget to check your back again who’s there


Playing at the 4th floor Faperta was laughed at by Miss K, at 2 pm someone was playing instruments from the 4th floor

A few Horror Stories on the Campus and Dormitory of IPB


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