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The discussion this time is about how How to change Indihome wifi password zte, how to change the Indihome wifi password via HP and how to change the Huawei Indihome wifi password.

Not infrequently internet users, especially the Indihome provider, suddenly the connection is slow and even dies.

This will certainly stress the users, this can be caused by several things, one of which is that there are users who are not entitled to enter your Indihome wifi network.

The solution is to change your Indihome wifi password which we will discuss below.

What is Indihome?

Indihome for the first time in 2015, which is one of the programs from Telkom’s main project, Indonesia Digital Network 2015.

Telkom cooperates with several communication technology development companies to build a digital concept house. In the process of its service, Indihome has developed several services related to home facilities such as landline telephones, interactive television and the internet.

Indihome provides a 3-in-1 package, customers can get internet services, pay TV to telephone lines once ordered.

One service that is often used is Wifi. Of course given a password for security and convenience.

And the wifi password is also one of the things that is often the target of burglary by irresponsible people. Therefore, the wifi password should use a more difficult and complicated one so that it is not easily cracked.

How to Change Indihome ZTE Wifi Password

  • While in the Network menu, select the WLAN menu and select the Security sub-menu.
  • Type the new password in the WPA Passphrase field and select Submit to shift the password.
  • Then wait for a while until the process of changing the IndiHome Fiber WiFi password is complete.

How to Change Huawei Indihome Wifi Password

How to change the Huawei HG8245H WiFi password can be done easily. The following steps can be carried out via laptops, computers, and mobile phones.

  • Before changing the WiFi password, there are two things that must be ensured in particular first.
  • First, make sure the device you are using is connected to the WiFi network that you want to change the password for.
  • Then, make sure there is a browser application, because this step is carried out through the application.
  • If the following two things have been confirmed, the step to change the router password can be done.
  • The following are the steps for exchanging Huawei IndiHome WiFi passwords and others, quoted from the Huawei gift page:
  • Type for the browser address, then press ‘Enter’. This step will take the user to the Huawei WiFi face page
  • Enter the username and password in the box provided. The default username and password for Huawei routers that have not been changed is ‘Admin’. Press ‘Enter’ and the user will be logged in
  • Click the ‘WiFi Settings’ option. It’s in the top bar, number three is from the left. This option will make the user go to the settings page
  • Select ‘WiFi Basic Settings’ on this page. This option is on the left bar
  • Enter the new password in the ‘WiFi Password’ box. Use a new strong password consisting of a combination of numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters. Memorize this new password
  • If you want to put a new password, then click ‘Save’. Without this step, the new password is not saved and the Huawei password change step will have to be repeated from scratch
  • Now the Huawei WiFi password change step can be done. Make sure you always change the WiFi password regularly.

How to Change Indihome Wifi Password Via HP

How to change the Indihome wifi password via HP is:

  • Connect your cellphone to the Indihome wifi whose password you want to change.
  • Open a browser and type the address in the address bar then press Enter.
  • After the login page appears, enter your username and password in the fields provided as follows: Username: user
  • Password: user Just like when using a PC or laptop, use the username and password along with all lowercase letters.
  • If the address above fails to access, then you can use or
  • Go to the Network menu > WLAN > Security and change your new WiFi password in the WPA Passphrase column. Press “Submit” to save the new password.


From the above review we can conclude that there are several ways to change the Indihome wifi password version NetData.

By following the tutorial on how to change the Indihome wifi password above, such as the wifi password changing the password via ZTE routers, Huawei routers, and with HP.

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