Google Digital Garage: Land Your Next Job


Google Digital Garage, which is a site service that provides learning media to focus on human activities involving digital systems that include public speaking, problem solving, personal branding, digital marketing, and so on. These classes can be accessed by anyone who wants to gain new knowledge and experiences that can be applied to their daily lives.

This article discusses one of the free classes provided by Google Digital Garage, namely “Land your next job” which contains preparations for applying to a company, office, factory, startup, and other workplace according to market needs.

In this class, you can learn about how to properly file a CV, Resume, and Cover Letter, build personal branding, and how to properly conduct an interview that is needed as a support in getting the job you want. Unfortunately, this class doesn’t issue any certificates at all. These classes are usually conducted online.

At least, you get new knowledge and experience in preparation to apply for a job to a place of work that you want. The language of instruction in this class is English, you can switch to another foreign language if you can read another foreign language to your ability.

The author provides a tutorial on how to take a free class on Google Digital Garage: Land Your Next Job which is useful for building personal branding to support job applications so that they can be accepted by the company or industry you are after.


1. Visit the site Google Digital Garage: Land Your Next Job.

2. Click Start free course.

3. Register for an account in order to enter the class.

4. Click Browse online courses.

5. Click Start to start the class.

6. In the Introduction section there are instructions in the description of the class. If you have read the Introduction earlier, click Start Learning.

7. In the classroom, there is a video + transcript (if you need to read the content of the video because it doesn’t use subtitles in the video) and practice sessions to test your skills in each lesson. If you want to test your skills that have been obtained from the video, you can click Check your knowledge.

8. In this practice session, you can test your abilities repeatedly until you get all the correct answers. Then, click Next Lesson to enter the next lesson.

9. If you have completed all the lessons in the class, then you can take a quiz session before the closing of the class to test your abilities during the class. This session can also be done repeatedly until you get all the correct answers.


You have successfully attended the free Google Digital Garage: Land Your Next Job class. Remember! This class has no certificate at all. At least, you get new knowledge and experience in preparation for the competition in getting a fierce job.


By taking the free online class Google Digital Garage: Land Your Next Job, you are expected to be more mature in dealing with job application competition at the workplace you want, especially a medium to high-scale or large-scale workplace.

For example, you can correct mistakes in making CV, Resume, and Cover Letter documents. In fact, correcting mistakes that start from before until after carrying out an interview in job acceptance at the workplace you are after.

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