Good Indonesian Discord Server for Chatting

Good Indonesian Discord Server for Chatting – Discord was originally popular among gamers who like to hang out or play online games together, such as free fire, ML, pubg, AOV, among us dota, etc. For quality reasons, they use Discord as a team voice chat medium that can be used by many people.

Previously Discord was very quiet because it was only intended for gamers, but with various useful feature updates Discord is now getting busier with many users, including Indonesia.

In fact, Discord can now become an interesting mini-forum because we can handle our own discussion servers. In particular, there are various BOTs that we can connect to our servers. With bots, we can play mini-games, auto moderators and more to make chatting on Discord better.

Discord is different from Facebook, because on Facebook it’s easy to search for community groups via the search button, in contrast to Discord, Discord is a bit difficult, so to find forums or discussion groups or servers, you must have an invitation link.

A little story, a lot of cool things on this server that you won’t find on other servers, for example solid people, if one or a friend who is having problems will definitely be helped and always support.

Well, because to make it easier for everyone to find a community with the Discord application on your cellphone or PC, here I share Indonesian Discord Servers that are Good for Chatting or invites to some pretty crowded servers that can add sources of entertainment for you.

Good Indonesian Discord Server for Chatting


Are you looking for new friends? This server is perfect! Netizens is the place to make new friends and hangout, here you can meet new people, play games, watch streams, use bots and do a lot more!

Let’s join now!

2. English House

This is an Indonesian server made for English fans. This server is suitable for those who want to learn English. Everyone can come in. We are fault tolerant & respect each other. Join this server to develop your English skills with the members in it.

3. Study Room

The Study Room is a place for you to study, discuss, and solve common problems related to the subjects studied at school. We offer you a varied learning program from subjects related to Junior High School to University level.

4. HypeAbis

This is the place where you can meet some of the coolest people on Discord (hype). Make friends with people from different backgrounds. Here you can find out the latest fashion trends.

5. Night Cafe

You can take part in interesting events at the Night Cafe ranging from Podcasts, Event Design, Games and others. On this server also has the original Official game made by Night Cafe

6. Genshin Impact Indonesia

For Genshin Impact lovers, you really have to join this server. On this server you will be greatly helped because there are many genshin players in it who will help you. For example, coop mabar or if you have a question about genshin you can get a quick answer.

7. Apartment

Apartment is a community server where we will try to help the needs of each community or circle to feel comfortable like being on our own server. you all can bring your circle here and we will make your own Voice Channel, Text Channel and Role!

8. Kos Kosan KW

Very Friendly Community! You can chat casually with the members. Enjoy yourself while making new friends.

9. Official Lucid Dream

Hello Everyone, Here We Want To Invite You To Join The Lucid Dream Official Discord Server With Servers That Are Organized And Have Friendly Staff.

10. Night Lounge

We are a small community server on Discord based in Indonesia. We provide many interesting features such as: simple server design, music streaming bot, more than 100+ emojis, custom voice chat that can be made by yourself, and many more.

11. Lemonade

Servers that are made for sharing and chilling, apart from making new friends and communities, it is also possible that you will get a mate, knowledge, and experience after joining this server. Come on, join us.

12. Neon Folk

This is an Indonesian based discord server creative community for those who are looking for Gaming Buddy, Communication Buddy, Jamming Buddy and many other Buddies. Unique art community. Come join us to learn everything about Music and Art in various ways.

13. Many Ways

Yo guysss, let’s join our server, our server is a place where you guys talk about anything

Now on this server, a place where you chat together, vent online, play games together, find a mate, there are lots of things, oh yeah, on this server there are also many facilities

14. Imsonic

This place is a place for creative community where you can meet new friends without Toxicity. You need to do a brief introduction to get verification from the staff here in order to access other channels.

15. Homestay

Are you looking for a server that is quite active in conversing and joking intimately? friendly and diligent in saving? wise step to join on our server! even though the server is small, it’s really noisy!

A few good Indonesian Discord Servers for Chatting may be useful.


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