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Welcome to IT People Blog. There are various media whose contents are very informative, ranging from text, videos, images, animations, and so on. For those of you who have a hobby of writing articles and are looking for a forum, here we suggest a list of article contribution sites that are friendly for novice writers and are proven to pay

produce for novice writers


This site is suitable for writers from among young people who want to write articles in a millennial style style, light and crisp. Article topics that are suitable for the target audience of young people

You can contribute to this site by registering as a contributor and then submitting articles with a minimum length of 500 words to 1000 words written in relaxed language in the style of contemporary millennial children.

There are various rubrics ranging from issues that are currently hot in the community, sports, taste, learning to the Koran together

Each article that is approved for publication will be valued at Rp. 20,000 with a maximum disbursement of Rp. 100,000/month, equivalent to sending 5 articles/month

Articles whose publication is rejected will be returned so that the author can resubmit the article to other media

It is very suitable for novice writers to channel their talents, interests and abilities in writing articles with a focus on young people


At Thecolumnist, you can contribute by sending articles with the theme of popular essays or personal opinions, in contrast to which contains articles in free and relaxed language style.

Writing articles in Thecolumnist gives a deeper impression, you must have understanding and literature while writing opinions which can later become exciting discussions.

Oh yes, here you are not paid for every published article but you must win a weekly event with prizes of Rp. 150,000 for the 2 best articles chosen by the editor, selected articles will be announced on Mondays every week and receive an honorarium of Rp. 150,000

In addition, Thecolumnist also opens a beginner writing class with a registration fee of Rp. 200,000/participant, suitable for those of you who want to hone their skills in writing opinions and essays, learn writing impact management, explore writing ideas, develop ideas, then become a professional writer in well-known media such as detik, republic, sindo, coil, geotimes etc


Writing articles in the media that require our work to pass the selection is indeed easy and difficult, the alternative is one of the popular writing media where you can post articles without having to go through the selection stage, namely Kompasiana

Kompasiana doesn’t pay writers for every published article, but writers can still make money by participating in creative writing events and competitions

Kompasiana recently launched the K-reward program, which is a form of appreciation given by kompasiana to all content creator contributions at kompasiana in the form of a balance calculated from the amount of traffic/reader visits to your content based on Google Analytics Views validation data.

The requirements to be registered in the K-reward program include contributors must have published a minimum of 50 articles, have monthly active readers of 3,000 views, have verified accounts, have 100 comments all the time.

Other programs are in the event menu, the contents of which vary from application review competitions, poetry writing competitions. The prizes are also not kidding, starting from 7 million (1st place), 5 million (2nd place), there are also 3 favorite winners of 1 million each.


Medium itself is an online article publishing platform launched in 2012 by Evan Williams, currently owned by A Medium Corporate and is one of the leading social journalism companies.

Medium itself claims that they have more than 60 million monthly readers scattered in various parts of the world, the reason why you should write here is because there is no filter/correction from the publisher.

You don’t get money, but it’s enough to introduce your brand or business through this online media platform


Blogger provides a blog content publishing platform which was originally developed by Pyralabs and then purchased by Google, here you can create a blog with a personal name and for free, for example

You can also custom the domain to to make it look cooler. Writing articles on a personal blog can’t immediately make money but if you have monetized your blog with advertising networks, affiliate links and so on, it’s clear that you open up income opportunities from reader interaction.

I myself have been using blogger for almost 7 years, it’s fun too.. apart from being able to share opinions, generate money, it’s also a charity field for useful knowledge (depending on what is shared)


One of my favorite forums, a place to hang out, gain knowledge, read other people’s life stories, seek inspiration, ask and answer

Quora is like reddit (now blocked because it might be too free and considered illegal), a kind of Yahoo! Answer (not selling), linkedln (less popular in Indonesia), Answerbag and (a few questions in Indonesian)

I like reading the stories of other people’s experiences here, the topics of conversation are fun, toxic free and the members are friendly enough, although recently there have been various attempts at fraud, such as sharing false inspirational stories;

100 thousand capital for selling chocolate, hundreds of millions of profit, under the guise of looking for resellers, making fictitious orders to resellers until hundreds of products then disappear haha

If you are active enough on quora, maybe get invited as a partner and can make money


Instagram was originally a photo and video sharing platform, it didn’t support multi-character posts but that was then

Now you can write up to 2200 characters, upload 10 photos, upload videos up to 1 hour long, have followers and become a celebgram

You should be able to summarize short articles that are of interest to readers… good luck

baa too: Increase blog visitors 2022

8. Writing in Facebook Groups

Hmm, as far as I know, the place to share articles on anti-toxic Facebook groups is the free encyclopedia, the Indonesian Facebook Writers Community (KFPI) and other groups of writers.

You can share writings, whether opinions, essays, ordinary articles, then get feedback in the form of suggestions, input so that your writing can be even better

Did you get money? if anyone is interested maybe some people will put forward a cooperation proposal

9. Submit articles to local newspapers

Writing articles in local newspapers doesn’t seem very difficult, the recommendations of local newspaper editors include BMR Fox Daily, Mata Banua, Momentum Daily, Jawa Pos and so on.

Just send an article in the form of a script, opinion or essay, it can be a short poem or a short story to the email of each editor. If your writing is published, you usually get a reward in the form of a souvenir sent to your home address

I’m grateful if it’s published often, it can be a portfolio..


It’s a shame if you don’t include your own blog in the list of media that accept beginner’s writing, to be honest, I personally feel very bored with the contents of this blog because of that, I tried to hire writers here and there.

You can send articles to me as the sole owner, write useful articles according to the label, the article length is at least 1000 words with a reward of Rp. 25,000 / article that can be sent whole

It’s cheap when compared to the media managed by the team above, but I don’t put conditions that are too difficult, such as writing that must be in the style of a media press release… just give me a decent and useful article

If interested, contact me via Whatsapp contact above..



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