Funny and Unique Presentation Opening Words

Funny and Unique Presentation Opening Words – Read about the presentation so I remembered that I was nervous when I wanted to present, the other group greeted me, I joined the greeting, which is so hard, why are you so embarrassed?

From the one who bought the cilor, I’m the one who said that, I just want the presentation to be the opening until it’s memorized. but time passed and she successfully being brave to do something by herself. thankyou for trying to not being people pleaser, for at least to make urself happy and comfy

This is me and the group at the opening of the presentation, some said ‘assalamualaikum’, some said ‘good morning’, some said ‘name right away’

Yes, I’m fine, just fine, right? Then one friend said he wanted to see ours, just make an example with a reference. Well, it just so happens that the task may be the same object, but there is a maximum limit of 4 people. At that time, my object was with two of my friends,

we are looking for it together. Even though the core we use is the same, our translation and grammar are different, yes, the choice of words is also different. and also this task is creative thinking, so understanding the object may also be different from its original function.

Funny and Unique Presentation Opening Words

Long story short, the friend who wants to see ours (let’s call it D) starts reading and reads our assignment. then he said he wanted to use the same object. so let’s just b. until on the D day, before class started, the class was like, ‘uh, let’s practice the presentation, right?

At the time of the exercise, D was adamant that he just wanted to open it. let’s say the sneak peek. not long after the class started and were called per person. When it was D’s turn, we were really shocked because his presentation was like a combination of the three of us. Even though it’s not complicated, but for example, I used the sentence ‘the majority of people would not agree’, he changed it to ‘some people will find it difficult to understand’ but the meaning and meaning is the same. and he did the same to the works of my two friends. we just look at each other.

Other children have also realized that the task is similar to ours but no one has commented. and it’s like luck is with him or what, after the presentation, the lecturer was really amazed at him and even said ‘I’ll give you straight A+ if you can handle questions from your friends.

but I have to go so I’ll see you guys next week, prepare your questions well’ and the lecturer leaves the class. D just laughs and laughs happily while we’re already full of emotions and immediately hit D. Then for reasons that don’t make sense, he says the object is a common one

Funny and Unique Presentation Opening Words

“gargle gargle chewed chew Assalamualaikum everyone”

“Thank you for those who have answered greetings, may you go to heaven and those who don’t answer may not catch a cold”

“Don’t know then don’t love, then introduce our presentation group consisting of…”

“Do you guys know (the material that will be discussed) if this is blah blah blah? So what do you think? Instead of being confused, let’s discuss it together. Greetings, introductions.”

“Gumping, chewing, assalamualaikum, everyone, come on, ladies and gentlemen, the thousand and two thousand won’t make you poor, because the poor I don’t know, don’t know it, I don’t love it, so don’t leave it. Acihuy, introduce my name ….. “

“The right one is not compact, the left is not in unison, the middle one doesn’t use a compact. Mangkadari, may I repeat my greeting?”

“Yes, we are standing here because there are no chairs to sit”

“Don’t know it, don’t love it, so introduce us from group 7, with xxxxx members”

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All supporting devices are ready. The projector has displayed the welcome page of the presentation file. Even so, Tsamara was still restless. Time and again he made sure his laptop battery was still in top condition and all files could be loaded perfectly. The snacks that he had prepared for the testing team did not escape the checking target.

Ouch. If chairs and tables could talk, they might be making fun of the lady right now. Her dark bead inadvertently spun towards the audience. There was Baskara there—who had arrived as early as him and had finished helping prepare the room. The master sat among several other figures who also watched.


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