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This article discusses the online and free Mathematics test through the Varsity Tutor website using English as an introduction or questions from the questions. This site provides practice questions for Math preparation from basic to advanced levels. If you often do practice questions in English in English, it will be easier for you to take part in the Mathematics selection in English to get scholarships to study abroad or work in multinational companies.


This exercise will test one area of ​​Mathematics by consisting of several sub-practices and dozens of practice questions in one sub-practice provided by Varsity Tutor. Here, there are many fields of Mathematics from various levels that you can choose to do Math exercises which are listed below.

In the picture above, for every one Math test practice there are tens or even hundreds of questions that you can do from there. Not only can it add insight into Mathematics and increase English vocabulary. If there is a special international Mathematics test or exam in English, it is much easier because you have been trained beforehand.

You can do Math test practice questions in English according to your choice in the Mathematics field that will be tested. If you don’t understand English math problems, then you can open a dictionary to look up the meaning of the vocabulary one by one until you understand the question in question. The display of the practice questions can be seen in the image below.

So, you can work on two fields at once, namely working on Math problems while looking for vocabulary or sentence translations of the problem from English to Indonesian. Try not to use Google Translate or other Translate machines as the main reference for the translation of the question, it is better to look up the vocabulary one by one in the dictionary so that you can answer the questions correctly.

For example, you do practice questions on Maths Calculus, Algebra, Exponents, Geometry, Integrals, and other types of Mathematics and Science using English to support your ability to calculate case studies using English.


The online Math test practice in English provided by Varsity Tutor has several benefits for those of you who often work on the Math test practice questions as follows:

  • At first I didn’t know about the Math Test using English so I knew.
  • Preparation for International class Mathematics Test exams to get scholarships to study abroad.
  • Preparation for the International class Mathematics Test exam to get an international class job whether working abroad or in multinational companies.
  • Increase knowledge about Mathematics and increase English vocabulary.
  • It is easier to understand in doing math test questions in English.
  • etc.


For those of you who are confused about what to do at home or looking for English math practice questions before participating in the selection of educational scholarships abroad, semester exams at school or campus, job acceptance in multinational companies, and so on. Well, the author has provided an online and free English Maths Test practice site service without becoming a member, namely Varsity Tutor.


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