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IT People Blog – Repair techniques that can be done When Adsense is rejected and asked to make improvements, you can do this.

1. Review disapproval on the blog

Blog appearance is very important, not only good writing and statistics / traffic, appearance is another determining factor (one of the main factors) your blog can be accepted or not by adsense. In general, adsense rejections are due to inadequate content, unclear ad placement or unclear navigation, and that’s where the problem lies in the display/template.

Even if the reason for rejection is because the content is inadequate, in addition to improvements to the content itself, you must make improvements to the appearance of the blog that you are currently using. If I get an email with such disapproval, what I usually do is make the blog look full of content.

We can use a 3-column template and fill the sidebar/widget with a list of articles per category, a list of popular articles, a list of the latest articles and all that is needed, even though some of the articles displayed are the same article, it’s not a problem.

This is one example of adsense disapproval information:

the blog that was rejected by adsense

The solution:

a. Can a blog that contains more images and streaming videos not be able to install adsense? Of course you can, make it as if your web/blog is filled with lots of content, install popular posts and other widgets as discussed earlier.

b. Make articles with writing that looks a lot even if it’s just small talk. Give greetings or additional information in several articles, and increase the number of articles you create.

c. Make a blog display that you think is worthy and looks professional. You can see a demo of the blog template that you will use and edit the appearance of your blog according to the existing demo template. (demo = preview)

d. While waiting for the adsense review, you can install the adsense code between the like the instructions on the adsense web and install 1 other adsense code (you can create a new ad unit) and put it in the sidebar.

This is especially effective when the reason for disapproval due to ad code placement is unclear.

e. If the reason for rejection due to navigation is not clear, it is again because of the blog display.

Place the navigation menu on your blog properly. I’ve seen people place the page’s disclaimer menu at the bottom and place it at the top, even though the top menu can be filled with other important links, especially blog categories, sub categories or outgoing links.

If you still want to place the disclaimer, privacy and about menu at the top of the blog, place it at the very top, not in the navigation menu for categories, but above it again.

2. The right time to resubmit

Not re-registering with a new email, but resubmitting. Usually when rejected, you are given the opportunity to resubmit the blog, provided you have fixed the existing problem, and if it is still rejected, you can register again with a new email as exemplified in the previous post.

Before resubmitting, answer these questions in your head:

a. Is your blog already using ssl/https?

b. Have you confirmed that your blog can be accessed using http, https, www and without www smoothly? (eg:,

c. Have you fixed the menu layout on the blog?

d. Is your blog display responsive?

e. Is your blog’s daily traffic increased and stable, especially pageviews?

f. Have you hidden, deleted or drafted the violating article? (illegal files, pirates, porn)

g. Does your blog already look full at this time?

h. Is the number of your articles more than before?

i. If the article you created is the result of copy and paste, have you applied the formula of 30% typing, 70% copying and pasting from various sources?

j. Is your blog indexed by Google? check back by writing a blog link or the title of the most popular article on your blog.

k. Is the source of your blog traffic more than 50% from search engines? (google, bing, yahoo)

If not, you need to wait longer before deciding to resubmit adsense.

l. Has the adsense rejection been received a few days before?

If you just received an adsense rejection, don’t immediately resubmit or force resubmit excessively. Not accepted, your blog will even be considered spam. Give a pause, because the changes you made earlier also do not immediately see the results.

m. Have you made sure your blog has been rejected by adsense, and is not being “hanged”?

Re-submit or register for adsense again, it will be difficult if the blog’s status is still “hanged” and has not been rejected.

n. Can you make sure that your domain is under your control from the first time and has never been registered with Adsense and banned before?

Blog domains that have been banned cannot be re-registered or resubmitted to Adsense. The reason, your domain has been blacklisted. It is highly recommended if you are the legal owner of the domain since the domain was first purchased through the official website for domain sales.

o. This is not a question, but you need to think again. If the topic of your blog currently contains various genres/mixtures (eg sports, movies and applications), you may need to make it one main topic with widening in the subtopics.

If you talk about sports, you can talk about football, MMA or badminton, but you can’t talk about spiderman.

p. You can resubmit now.

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