Fighter Brand Strategy Vit and Aqua

Fighter Brand Strategy Vit and Aqua – Get to know the strategy used by Aqua-Vit: “Fighter Brand Strategy”, which can kill its own product for the sake of the popularity of other products.

Fighter Brand : the company’s strategy to create a new brand so that its other brands can grow more popular and competitive in one type of product.

This strategy is similar to sub-brands, but the goals are different. The new brand seems to be “stepchildren” so that the old brand can be popular.

Mimin takes the example of Aqua-Vit which is still the same owner. The target market is different, Vit focuses more on low prices and Aqua focuses on best products.

Fighter Brand Strategy Vit and Aqua

But Vit tends to be “stepped in”, because his promotions are sparse compared to Aqua, whose promotions are so massive.

But here’s the strategy. The goal is to overwhelm competitors, confused about whether to focus on low-priced Vit or focus on fighting with Aqua.

Aqua’s party is still calm, if Aqua is completely attacked, just maximize the low price Vit promotion.

And the contents of VIT are no longer 600 ml, but 550 ml. Press the production price & keep the selling price competitive in the middle-low price segment. Rivals with S*nqua & typical amdk brands from each region.

This also applies to Garuda-Citilink or Pantene-Rejoice. Trying to enliven the competition and break the competitor’s focus.

It’s the same as Indomie’s strategy – super noodles are included in all segments and as good as noodles as a competitor, there is limited space for movement.

Not to mention the two content sarimi, the head to head rival and the two successful noodles filled with Sule ads.

Even when Mayora brought out Meuah Noodles, they also brought out Indomie Real Meat, as much as they had. It also applies to gaga noodles, nissin, samyang and spicy noodle hype.

Discussion Session

Response 1:

There are also many big brands that make products with low SES segments, with different names. In addition to beating competitors’ prices, there is also a trick to “fill the warehouse” with only our products. But it needs to be counted too, this is a product so it doesn’t become a “cannibal”

Response 2:

Wings is the attacker’s strategy of launching a new brand with a cheaper price, many big brands are overwhelmed even though they are quite calm and believe this method is not sustainable from the Ebit side

Response 3:

If it’s from the mall, then. There is Ramayana-Light which is still one company. Light is targeted for the upper class while Ramayana is for the medium class (if the Tangsel area)

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