Experience and Internship Requirements at the Ministry of Finance and Other Ministries

Experience and Internship Requirements at the Ministry of Finance and Other Ministries – Btw, because so many people have asked me about internships at the Ministry of Finance, so this time I want to talk about internships at the Ministry of Finance and other ministries. Starting from how to register to discussing the job description. Hope it is useful

Before that, I want to explain first that I passed the internship recruitment in 2 ministries. The first is at the Ministry of ATR/BPN and the second is at the Ministry of Finance. I will discuss from the Ministry of ATR first

For information, I can post on Instagram ppsdm.atrbpn. (Btw, this is this year’s internship post)

Experience and Internship Requirements at the Ministry of Finance and Other Ministries

For the requirements, you just need to fill in your identity on google from which has been provided. You are also free to choose which echelon unit you go to.

If this year there are 2 opportunities so in addition to the units listed in the post, you can also choose the units in the domicile area or the area closest to the domicile. Regarding majors, there is no specific major notification, so if you feel it fits (cont)

Between your major and the work in the work unit you’re going to, just gas, wkkw. As far as I know, the apprenticeship system is a hybrid, only at the beginning of WFH, it’s kind of an orientation

Oh, yes, I’m here Alhamdulillah, I passed the internship at the Ministry of ATR but I didn’t take it because I forgot to re-register ??¥² so I don’t understand how the system works, if anyone knows it’s really good to share here, yeuuâ??ºï¸??.

For the next I will explain about the internship at the Ministry of Finance. This is what students are looking for the most now. Ohh, btw, the Ministry of Finance is opening another internship vacancy, hehe, after joining hihi

For the requirements

1. Proposal for internship submission (can be seen in SE No 46 th 2020)

2. Cover letter from campus

3. Transcript of grades

4. CV

For majors and units can be seen in this post. Btw, this post was posted last May, so far there hasn’t been a change so I think it can still be a reference

Okay, then, all the files are combined and made into a pdf. Btw, there are no special provisions for how to make small talk in the email, but if I use these points.

1. Self introduction

2. Reason for internship

3. The target unit

4. Hope

The selection process is just an administrative selection. Oh, yes, I want to give advice if you want to apply for an internship either at the Ministry of Finance or other agencies (a rather large institution) if you can, give a pause starting from the date of application until the date of the internship.

For example, if you apply today, if you can, the date for the internship you are applying for is not next week, at least 1 month ahead. Because if it’s too tight, I’m afraid I won’t get a reply from Samsek

Oh, btw, if you do an internship at the Ministry of Finance, you must make a work plan, just adjust the work plan between your major and the core activities of the unit you are going to. My example from the archive became a work plan that I made static archive management, dynamic etc.

What’s the work plan?

Actually, from my point of view, let us have a plan for the implementation of the internship. As for the task given, it will not be much different from the proker that is made, even if it is different, they will still be guided.

Later we will get a field supervisor who is one unit of our cooperation (I think this is also the case in other places, hehe). Btw the internship is unpaid, yes, but if you want to do research for a final project or certain project related to the Ministry of Finance, it’s really good to collaborate

This is the first thread, when I get another experience I will continue again. Thank you, and cheers gaizz


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