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Hi everyone this time I want to write an article about blogging. For bloggers, exploring the world of blogging must be very exciting and challenging. Especially if you’ve talked about backlinks and discussed the phenomenon about the rise backlink service which he said could increase blog visitors.

Famous and Trusted Backlink Services

It started with my desire to share my experience of selling backlink services on a website that is certainly also very well known by bloggers, namely Rajabacklink. 2 weeks ago I just got a transfer from Rajabacklink and it looks profitable than just relying on income from Adsense ad banners

Rajabacklink has indeed become one of the media for bloggers to earn additional income through the internet. In addition to providing benefits for bloggers by providing backlinks on their blogs, it also provides benefits for advertisers who want to get backlinks from high-quality blogs.

However, for those of you who still don’t know what a backlink is, you can find out the basics here.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are one of the main SEO elements needed for a website, or in short, backlinks are links that point to other websites with certain anchor text with the aim of increasing strength, credibility on search engine pages.

In general, Google will consider a backlink as a referral or verification of a website that is recognized by other websites by attaching a backlink that is equipped with anchor text. In fact, when viewed from other sites, backlinks are the level of trust in other sites as references

By getting backlinks on several high-quality websites that direct links to your site, your site has a greater chance of winning the competition in the search engine results / SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for some competitive keywords.

The more backlinks pointing to your site, the more visible the traffic growth and increase in visitors will be as your site ranks in Google searches.

Backlinks can be of various types. From backlink reviews, guest post backlinks, backlink profiles, etc. Now it will be easier for you to buy backlinks from well-known sites as well as national media backlink service at Rajabacklink.

Benefits of Backlinks for Blogs and Business Websites

After briefly understanding the meaning of backlinks, here I will briefly explain the benefits of having backlinks on your website. Because some users and many internet marketers still underestimate the backlinks. Here are some of the benefits of backlinks that you need to know if you want to dive into the world of websites.

1. Improve the position of keywords in search results

Keywords are the most important thing used by web developers to reach organic traffic on search engines. Of course in the business world, there are some keywords that need to be researched deeply so that when people search for certain products and services, your website will appear at the top of the Google search engine.

In the science of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the position of these keywords can be affected by linking backlinks to a list of high-quality websites. It would be even better if you buy some quality backlinks at a backlink service like RajaBacklink.com

2. Increase website traffic and visitors

Visits (blog viewership) is the main factor that affects your position in search engines. your position on Google will also increase as the number of organic visitors increases every day. By getting more traffic, more internet users will know your website then become daily readers.

Especially if you put backlinks in various national media, the blog visitors and the content of your website really help them.

3. Increase brand awareness for your business

Brand awareness is also an important factor for the success of your business. By displaying the products and services you sell, more people will see and learn about your products.

Using backlinks here is more technical, because users will click on the backlinks that you post on other sites. In addition to improving the personal branding of bloggers, backlink services are a solution to other problems if you have trouble standing out among active internet users throughout Indonesia.

What is Rajabacklink?

Oh, yes, surely many are wondering what is the difference between Rajabacklink’s national media backlink service and other backlink marketplaces? To find out all that, let’s look at my experience using Rajabacklink.

RajaBacklink.com is a marketplace for buying and selling backlinks that connects blog owners (bloggers) with customers or advertisers (Adverts). This advertiser or client is looking for a blog with good performance or profile to be offered a marketing job according to the given brief.

On the RajaBacklink site, there are lots of quality websites, even some national media are on this site. For those of you who want to buy product review services, it is also very possible. Here, blog owners are free to determine the topic of the articles they will work on, as long as they link backlinks that point to sites that buyers want.

Of course this will be very effective instead of having to build a list of PBN sites manually which takes a long time to prepare and must be managed continuously.

Usually you will open a marketplace like Tokopedia and shopee to shop for basic needs or daily needs. Customers and people with the same goal of shopping for backlinks, here they buy one or more backlinks. Yes, it is our blog that is displayed as a product

How it Works at Rajabacklink

Here I describe some steps you can take when you first join a backlink service at Rajabacklink.

• Register Blog

How to register a blog on Rajabacklink is quite easy, namely:

1. Log in and create an account on the site Rajabacklink.com

2. After that confirm via email for account activation

3. After Confirmation, you can directly login

4. Complete the profile by entering the cellphone number, link directly to the telegram account if you have a telegram account to make it easier to receive notifications when there are new jobs

5. On the left menu, under “My Blog” click “+New Blog”

6. Then fill in the blog name, url and blog category

7. Then wait for verification from the Rajabacklink Team, the backlink price is calculated automatically by considering the DA/PA score, the number of article indexes in search results, the alexa version of the site ranking

add site in rajabacklink

• Rows of Blogs on Rajabacklink

The blog that you registered earlier will be displayed on a row of blogs that are also registered in this marketplace. From this row of blogs, clients will choose the blog they want for pacement purposes and according to their backlink needs.

buy backlinks at rajabacklink

• No Bid Process and Others

Unlike some other marketplaces, in Rajabacklink the job is closed, so there is no bid process or anything else. So here, if a client chooses your blog, they will confirm to the Rajabacklink Team and the Rajabacklink Team will notify you.

• Fee deductions

All backlink marketplaces and others definitely cut service costs. This is intended because Rajabacklink has facilitated you as a blogger with advertisers. So these services give each other an advantage.

Currently in RajaBacklink implement their own service fee. The fee deducted is 30%. So for example your blog is valued at IDR 100,000, when your work or task is completed and the client approves it, the amount you get is 70%, which is IDR 70,000.

• Payment from Rajabacklink

Well, this is the most awaited after completing various jobs in Rajabacklink. Every job you have completed, your balance will automatically accumulate until it meets the payment threshold

Currently for payments or paydays, RajaBacklink sets a minimum payment of IDR 250,000. While the disbursement process itself uses a request payout system. This means that you have two choices, namely to maintain your balance even though it has reached Rp. 250,000 or to pay claims as soon as the minimum salary is reached.

• Can change the price

For blog owners who are dissatisfied with the price set by the Rajabacklink Team, they can change the price at any time as long as they increase their membership to a premium account at a cost of Rp. 20,000/month

free premium on rajabacklink

edit rajabacklink blog price


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