Dragon Nest Mobile Private Server Indonesia Android

Dragon Nest Mobile Private Server Indonesia Android – Dragon Nest Mobile is an adaptation of the PC version of the game. The cellphone version has been optimized and is a game that is suitable to be played on a cellphone. Dragon Nest is a game that originally appeared on desktop computers and finally the Dragon Nest game designed for PC can run on Android smartphones.

Unlike Lineage II Mobile, which is almost identical to the PC version, it doesn’t feel like a cellphone game. This game will make Dragon Nest old players nostalgic to play. For example, with the existing characters and skills, mobile RPG games are currently synonymous with a feature called “automatic search”. For many players, this feature is considered boring.

Auto quests in Dragon Nest Mobile only appear when players are looking for NPCs and looking for the next quest. There are so many daily quests and events that we have to keep playing and have to log in – every day. The quests and events offered also don’t make us bored and tired, because there are “daily events” that require teamwork to complete the existing game. In addition, there are dark towers or so-called “towers”, and the higher the floor, the more difficult it is to reach. Of course, each tier offers attractive prizes.

Dragon Nest Mobile Private Server Indonesia Android

Dragon Nest Mobile Private Server Indonesia Android

Websites and Guides: https://eleanordn.com/

Download APKs: https://bit.ly/3LVxsE6

Download Mirrors:https://bit.ly/3JU2yKf


Especially for old players, free refill of 2M again.

– Free 20M Gold (Free Refill)

– Free Diamond 4M (Free Refill)

– Free Dragon Coin 20M (Free Refill)

– Free Starter Equipment, Mounts Etc

– Instant Level 130 Use Chocolate (Max Lvl 130)

– All Drop Nests, Etc. Diamond content

– Ice Dragon Nest

– Guaranteed Not Over Damage

– Etc

Daily Refill Contents Here: https://bit.ly/3LPnh3E

Min 2GB Ram and 2GB Storage.

The game which was released in 2010 has managed to attract the attention of gamers from all over the world. Due to its popularity, this game has also been adapted into movies twice. Rank is used as a rank when we do something. This is very important and mandatory in every online game, because then the competitive spirit of each player will continue, and through competition the game will be fun and not boring.

So Dragon Nest Mobile Private Server Indonesia Android


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