Download Hallo Ndasmu APK Version 5.0 Latest Sunmax

Download Hallo Ndasmu APK Version 5.0 Latest Sunmax BUSSID Latest MOD – FUNBUS V3.0 – hello on this occasion we would like to provide an APK download APK Hello Ndasmu APK SUNMAX v17 BUSSID MOD – FUNBUS V3.0 from the SUNMAX group, there are some cool bussid mods that you can use to play and feel more like the original. Hallo Ndasmu APK Sunmax – This Funbus has many features that you can use to play BUSSID games.

This APK is not an APK for changing buses but this APK is useful for adding some accessories that can be added to your bus. If in your APK there are no accessories such as the sound of the exhaust sound, cabin sound, etc., then you can use this application to add it

This application is very much sought after by people because with this application it makes your bus car feel like it’s actually on the road because usually the bus doesn’t have a lot of accessories, that’s all.

You can download this application for free later below and there are several advantages that you can get when you use this application, namely in this application there are no ads at all so you can use this application easily without being disturbed by ads.

Then here are a lot of sounds that you can add to the bussid including the sound of the exhaust, the sound of the starter, and the sound of the bus cabin atmosphere that can be replaced and added with you.


You can use the features you want to use. then here there is also traffic, namely from funbus traffic which can be used to add variations to your bus traffic if you know beforehand about this fubus traffic. the following old Hello Ndasmu APK Sunmax – Funbus

Hello Ndasmu APK | SUNMAX V17 x FUNBUS V3.0 Features :

what is the use of apk hello ndasmu:

1. sunmax application (no ads) v17 bussid v5.0

2. Hino steering wheel

3. funbus traffic

4. exhaust sound

5. spok-spok brake sound

6. starter sound

7. crackle sound

8. telolet special

9. Hino’s signature steering horn

bussid mod.. can kreket engine sound.. then when braked, spok spok.. and many more

So many articles about the APK, hopefully with the APK it can help you add variations to your bussid that is currently used and if there will be a new update, we will update it continuously and thank you.

— There will be an apk update, stay toon here, okay?

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