Dictionary of Terms for Property Agents in Indonesia

Dictionary of Terms for Property Agents in Indonesia – Anyway, does anyone have any tips on buying a house for young people whose salary is not yet in 2 digits? Still so clueless about this

Buy on the outskirts of Jakarta, such as in Bekasi, Tangerang & Bogor. Don’t look at the cheap price, but look at the facilities offered and of course according to ability. Look for information about the housing you like and don’t trust brokers/marketing properties.

In business, you will come across all kinds of important terms that indicate a certain meaning or code. These terms are often talked about by business people and therefore cannot be understood by ordinary people. You’ve probably heard some of these terms, so you’re familiar with them. However, you will come across many business terms that you may have just heard.

There is a growing demand for real estate investment. Are you one of them? If so, it is appropriate that you prepare your knowledge and research existing property terms.

Dictionary of Terms for Property Agents in Indonesia

The terms of this property vary. Some are related to investment or agency work. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the glossary below! Well, here’s a collection of property terms that you shouldn’t miss, especially if you’re in this world. Don’t forget to really understand, okay? Hopefully the article below is useful!

Dictionary of Terms for Property Agents in Indonesia

Dictionary of property agents in house ads:

“south of Jakarta”

= NOT in South Jakarta

“one step to the toll booth”

= the toll gate is still 3-5 km from the house

“only 10 minutes to”

= 10 minutes if it’s midnight on an empty road, take a car at a speed of 60 km/hour

“selling house bonus land” / “selling house calculating land price”

= old house in pathetic condition, unfit for habitation

“100m to main road”

= house in the alley

“close to…”

= not very close

“exclusive residence”

= small cluster with few houses

“minimalist house”

= unfurnished/without furniture

“living house”

= furnished / with furniture

“millennial house”

= affordable price but location at the end of the world

“walking distance to…”

= 20-30 minutes walk to…

“could be a guest house”

= boarding house

“classic house”

= old house

“modern luxurious blabla (lots of English)”

= expensive. very.

“one-turn access from 2 car road”

= the road in front of the house fits 1 car, if you pass by another car, who has to back down

“in East Jakarta”

= but Cibubur

“in Cibubur”

= in Depok/Bogor/Bekasi

“best investment”

= for those who sell, not for you who buy

“beautiful house free boarding”


“forrest view/lake view”

= next to it there is a forest/lake, in the rainy season get ready to see snakes roaming/hanging out on the terrace of the house


= narrow

“starting price 1M”

= >1.7 M

“industrial design”

= finishing exposure, so you can save costs when you build your house

“beautiful environment”

= there is a garden


= the house is not available

“strategic location close to bsd”

= tangsel & kab. Bogor

“ready to live in, strategic location, start from 800 million”

= cheapest house 800 million, always check LT LB

“a step on the highway”

= the house still has to go inside


– near the grave = next to the grave the boundary of the wall only

Build a house in an area that is already known for frequent flooding, labeled “Flood-free area”

= the area is yes, the access is flooded so you can’t pass it

“City view …”

= on a mountain far from anywhere

“A million installments”

= in installments until you have grandchildren

“Ready to wake up”

= unit not yet available

LT = land area

LB = building area

If in Jogja there is even a “strategic location, located between YIA airport and Malioboro”. Pgen laughs

in jacket

It turns out that Jagakarta is short of ui depok

the subsidy complex in the lewiliang area always says 20 minutes from st Bogor, that’s possible if you use a flying carpet, in fact lewiliang to st Bogor can take more than an hour

Not only Leuwiliang, the Tamansari area is like that too. but if Tamansari 20 minutes to the station if the road is quiet and smooth


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