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IT People Blog – Kawasaki trail is more intended for those of you who have a love of adventure using a dirt bike. By using a trail bike, of course, all terrain roads can be passed. This motorbike has been present in Indonesia with various variants that can be selected by looking at the Kawasaki brochure at the nearest dealer.

Kawasaki trail is very popular in the Indonesian market because of its good quality and relatively affordable price. For those of you who want it, here I am with product information and prices for the new Kawasaki trail.

This trail bike has long been present in the Indonesian market and has succeeded in attracting a lot of enthusiasts. This is because this motorbike has good quality and a price that can be reached by motorbike mania lovers.

The difference in the KLX price list certainly affects the product specifications and features provided. For that you need to understand the brief specifications and prices of the latest kawasaki trail.

The Latest Kawasaki Trail Products and Prices are the Best Selling

Products and prices are of course directly related to each other. For a relatively expensive price there is always comparable quality and better performance. For that you need to know the product specifications and prices offered by the kawasai trail.

1. Specifications and price of KLX 250

One of the most widely used trail bikes is the KLX 250. This bike is fairly stable for use in various terrains. For the engine and suspension used is also fairly good. The following specifications of the engine and suspension used include:

KLX 250 . engine

a. KLX 250 . engine

The machines used in this motorbike include:

• 4-stroke engine with DOHC

• Cylinder volume reaches 250 cc

• Maximum 9001 Rpm

• Using the keihin F001 . carburetor

• The number of transmissions given is 6.

This motorbike is equipped with a 4-stroke engine with DOHC and has liquid cooling that functions to produce power up to 19 kw at 9001 rpm engine rotation. For the cylinder volume itself reaches 250 cc. For the carburetor using F001 so as to produce speed without any disturbing sound. This motor can transmit up to 5 times at once.

b. Suspension KLX 250

The suspension used in this motorbike includes:

• Size 2,150 X 820 X 1,200 mm

• Weight 138 Kg

• Gasoline reaches 8 liters

• 250 single-piston front brake using single-piston

• Single motorcycle rear brake using a single piston

Talking about the performance of this motorbike, it is definitely very good for driving. With the right size for 2 people and has adequate gasoline capacity for long trips.

In addition, for the brakes already use the famous piston with better pressure. The KLX 250 has good acceleration and very high balance.

c. Price KLX 250

The first price list for the latest Kawasaki trail bike is the KLX 250. This motorbike is priced at a relatively affordable price of Rp. 62 million per unit. This motorbike can be purchased through authorized Kawasaki dealers in the nearest city. The price of the KLX 250 motorbike is included in the standard category to get a tough motorbike in various fields

2. Price and specifications for Kawasaki KLX 150BF SE

We often encounter Kawasaki KLX at events themed adventure on difficult paths using motorbikes. This motor is also quite tough in the field. The following are the specifications and prices of the KLX 150BF SE, namely:


a. Engine from KLX 150BF SE

The machines used by this motorbike are:

• 4 single stroke with 2 valves

• Cylinder volume is 144 cc

• Carburetor used is LNCV24

• 5 times the number of transmissions

• Maximum torque reaches 11 NM /6,500 rpm

With the specifications of the engine used, including 4 single stroke plus 2 valves and a cylinder volume that reaches 144 cc, it is very suitable for driving. Plus it uses an LNCV24 carburetor which is good for adventure motorbikes and has a relatively balanced torque. This motor can perform the number of transmissions up to 5 times. Of course it will be very helpful in saving time

b. Suspension from KLX 150BF SE

The suspensions used by this motorbike include:

• Size 2,070 X 825 X 1,155 mm

• The weight of the motorbike reaches 118 kg

• Gasoline capacity reaches 7 liters

• Front brakes use single 240 twin piston

• Rear brakes use single-piston disc

The suspension provided by Kawasaki on this motorbike is very interesting. With a size that suits the natural terrain as well as a slim motor weight and adequate gasoline capacity. Also, the front and rear brakes use pistons as the most reliable technology.

c. Price trail KLX 150BF SE

For the price list of the latest Kawasaki trail bike, the KLX 150BF SE type itself is more affordable than the KLX 250. The KLX 150BF SE provides a safe and balanced driving experience on all road terrain. The price offered is around Rp. 31 million rupiah for each unit.

Well, that’s our review of the latest Kawasaki dirt bike price list. The three motorcycles are very in demand in the Indonesian market. This motorbike is one of the motorbikes that can compete with sport motorbikes that have quite good quality. For those of you who are interested in buying this motorbike, you can buy a KLX motorbike on credit or cash. That’s all the information we can convey. Hope it is useful !



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