Creating DA 74 dofollow backlinks on Azure DevOps site

Welcome to IT People Blog. In this post I will share a simple tutorial on making dofollow backlinks from Azure DevOps sites with DA 74 and DR 88, quality links like this are certainly much better than hundreds of low-quality backlinks that you get from elsewhere, of course, in some foreign backlink services. .. links originating from the Azure DevOps project site are included in the premium category packaged in a high-quality link building service

I don’t want to repeat the explanation about the meaning of backlinks, what are DA and DR, because apart from wasting time, it also feels boring to explain the same thing over and over again, so let’s go straight to the discussion section.

1. First of all, just visit the Azure DevOps site using your microsoft account, if you don’t have one, please create it > only for a few seconds > you can use email @outlook/@hotmail according to your taste


Click the “Sign Project” link…

backlink from azure

2. Fill in the required details including name, email address and country of origin for initial setup of Azure DevOps account

backlink from azure2

3. Enter the name of the organization that will be part of your backlink URL permalink, select the project’s display country location, and enter the captcha to prove your action is not a robot

backlink from azure3

4. After that you can start creating a new project, enter the project name, make visibility public so that later the project page can be indexed by Google and entered as a backlink

If the visibility of the project you created remains private, click the blue “organization policy” link then activate the project settings for public

If you have trouble, try to see step 13 below

backlink from azure4

5. This is the start page of your project settings, click the link “Manage your project services”

backlink from azure5

6. Turn off all Azure DevOps services except Repos, see picture if confused

backlink from azure6

7. Next, look at the menu on the left in the repost section > files > the bottom (in the picture) > click the initialized button

backlink from azure7

8. Once open, click the file name

backlink from azure8

9. To edit the file, just click the edit button with the pencil icon

backlink from azure9

10. Here you can create your backlink, how to use the hash mark “#” to create a new paragraph line, then use the syntax “[Kata Kunci](” to insert active hyperlink > save (press commit)

dofollow backlink azure

11. Check the previews tab, your backlink should be active right?

dofollow backlink azure2

12. Click on the overview menu on the right > add a project description if you missed it earlier

Oh yes, in the about project section, scroll down > in the read file section > navigate to the file that you created earlier and save it (the sign that the previews you created will appear)

dofollow backlink azure3

13. Oh yes, if in step 4 the project visibility status is still private, look below there is a gear icon, right? > in the visibility dropdown select public

dofollow backlink azure4

14. Up here your backlink has been successfully created

dofollow backlink azure5

15. What is the use of backlinks that are not indexed by Google? you can index it by creating a tier 2 of private Web.2.0 submitted to the search console or using indexing to speed up indexing in search results

You can also use SEOsStore, create an account there > look at the footer > click the free balance link > share the link to your twitter account to get a $1 free balance bonus, the process can be repeated for 24 hours

After that create a link as usual..

dofollow backlink azure6

16. Choose the type of backlink direct or Web.2.0 and continue to be backlinked until indexed

dofollow backlink azure7

17. Some examples of Azure DevOps Project pages that have been indexed by google, are faster to use private Web 2.0 and send them to the search console

dofollow backlink azure8

You can create multiple projects at once in one DevOps account, that means multiple backlinks at once from quality pages..

That’s an article about how to get backlinks from high-quality sites, dofollow DA 74 and DR 88 on the Azure DevOps page, I hope what I write can be useful. Do not hesitate to provide feedback in the comments column. That is all and thank you



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