Configure HTTP Custom XL Xtra Combo Flex

Configure HTTP Custom XL Xtra Combo Flex – XL is one of the most widely used cellular services in Indonesia. This brand belonging to the company PT XL Axiata Tbk is in great demand by many people because of its affordable prices, variety and large internet package quotas.

The XL brand has many package options, especially for prepaid customers. These packages range from internet quota to combined quota, including calls and text messages.

The Xtra Combo package is a 24-hour internet combo package that calls all operators and allows you to stream YouTube without a quota.

The alternative is TSEL Extra Unli or XL Familiar, which yesterday was said to be Coid at several crime scenes.

Haven’t tested the exact limit yet, but it’s richer than Familiar with a much cheaper price.

Config HTTP Custom XL Xtra Combo Flex How to buy the package, download the Credit Agent App on the PlayStore, register, then look for the XL Flex Package, just choose the cheapest one (can be paid using Qris), then if the package is active, just Claim Unlimited Rewards on the myXL App (must). Or if you want it to be easy, just shoot at the person who opens the service.

Configure HTTP Custom XL Xtra Combo Flex

Config 1 for West Java

Click here

Config 2 for Outside West Java

Click here

The configuration above includes SSH Premium for free for 1 week.


1. Free to buy which package as long as it’s Xtra Combo Flex, I myself bought the cheapest one.

2. What is injected is the Unlimited quota.

3. Don’t forget to Claim/Redem Rewards Unlimited, this is mandatory so that the package can be injected.

4. How to use it, download one of the configs above and then import it into the application HTTP Customthen directly connect as usual.

Tested TKP West Java, Central Java, East Java Work, other TKP please try it yourself.

For the speed obtained according to each signal & scene.

Activate the package in the myXL application, menu *123# or your favorite credit/ecommerce store. Xtra Combo Plus itself is divided into two types, regular and VIP. Especially for VIP, the main quota is anti-scorch.

You may not see the same price between users. This is because customers get different prices and offers based on their usage history over the last few months.

That’s the HTTP Custom XL Xtra Combo Flex Config


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