Complete set of Starbucks Indonesia Secret Recipes

Complete set of Starbucks Indonesia Secret Recipes – Are you a connoisseur of this American coffee brand? We can easily find Starbucks coffee shops in various big cities in Indonesia. A word of warning: The key to mastering the Starbucks Secret Recipe is remembering the ingredients in the order. Did you know that Starbucks also has a Secret Recipe? You will not find the menu at the cashier. But don’t worry! You can still enjoy some of these Secret Recipes by ordering directly from the barista.

Just asking for “purple drink” or “pink drink” won’t work (and may annoy the barista) – you have to be specific about the ingredients. Below, we’ve rounded up the best drink recipes in Starbucks Secret Recipe, including ingredients and quantities, so you can order them like a pro. The menu offered is not only coffee, there are many seasonal menus available at certain times.

Secret Recipe can be made if the barista has the ingredients to make it. Sometimes some Secret Recipes cannot be made because the ingredients are only available at certain times. To enjoy a cup of Starbucks Secret Recipe, you have to pay more than usual. Starbucks Coffee not only provides coffee drinks, but also many non-coffee drinks from Starbucks that are equally delicious and very collectible.

30 Complete Starbucks Indonesia Secret Recipe Recommendations

I have some delicious secret Starbucks recipes and recommend them for you to try, after this I’ll spill them…

1. Red Velvet Cream Frappuccino

Complete set of Starbucks Indonesia Secret Recipes

It seems like Starbucks customers already know this secret recipe, the order is really easy


– Vanilla Cream Frappuccino

– Blend with Red Velvet Cake, you can blend all or half of it

– Caramel Sauce

Tall Size Rp. 93k, Grande 96k, Venti 100k

2. Triple Choco Caramel Waffle Cream Frappuccino


– Double Choco Frappuccino

– Blend with Chocolate stoop waffle (blend half)

– Dolce Sauce ( Tall 1 pump, grande 1 pump, venti 2)

– The topping is the rest of the waffle earlier

– Caramel Sauce on top

The price is T: 84k, G:88k, V: 92k

3. Red Velvet Cookie Cream Frappuccino


– Vanilla Cream Frappuccino

– Blend with half a red velvet cookie

– The remaining toppings are the red velvet cookies, crushed and then on top of the whip cream

– Caramel Sauce

Tall : 74k, Grande : 78k, Venti : 81k

4. Iced Masala Chai Tea

It’s also really good if you make it hot, especially when it’s raining, because Chai tea is like spiced tea.


– Teavana Chai tea

– additional milk dairy

– dolce sauce (T 2, G 2, V 3)

– Syrup salted Caramel (T 1, G 2, V 2)

T :43k, G:46k, V: 48k

5. Butterbeer Frappuccino (non-coffee)

Drinks in the Harry Potter movies, Potterheads are a must try, ordering is very easy:

– Caramel Frappuccino

– Blend with hazelnut syrup

– Topping whip cream & Caramel Sauce

T : 58k, G :63k, V :65k

6. Butterbeer Frappuccino (coffee version)

Basically, you use seasonal drinks, the order is:

– Toffer nut Frappuccino

– Blend with Caramel Syrup (T 2, G 3, V 4)

– topping whip cream & caramel sauce

Honestly, I forgot the price, because the menu is seasonal and it’s been empty for a long time

7. Caramel Snickerdoodle Macchiato

if you want to try a different taste of coffee, this is delicious, a combination of coffee and cinnamon flavors, order:

– Caramel Macchiato

– Additional soy milk

– Dolce Sauce (T 2, G 2, V 3)

– Cinnamon Powder

Tall :73.5k

Grande :78.5k

Venti : 80.5k

8. Sweet Dark Choco Cream Frappuccino

Those of you who like sweet can try this menu, order:

– Double Choco Frappuccino

– Blend with half Classic dark Choco

– Liquid Whip cream (1)

– Dolce Sauce (2,2,3)

– Topping leftover Classic dark Choco & mocha sauce

T :104k, G :109k, V:113k

9. Ristretto Breeve Latte


– Caramel latte

– use shot ristretto

– The milk uses % milk

– Caramel syrup (3,4,5)

– for tall & grande use extra single shot

– for ventilation use extra double shot

T : 76k, G: 81k, V :83k

The price depends on how many shots of coffee you order

10. Rasberry Blackcurrant Pink Drink

It tastes sweet and sour like yogurt, the order can be blended or shaken, the order is easy:

– Rasberry Blackcurrant (no tea)

– Liquid Whip Cream (1 pump all size)

– Dolce sauce ( T 2, G 2, V 3)

Tall :50k

Grande :54k

Venti :57k

11. Rasberry Cheese Cream Frappuccino

The taste is almost the same as pink drink, but it’s creamier.


– Rasberry Blackcurrant (no tea)

– Blend with New York Cheese Cake

– Additional milk

– Dolce Sauce (2,2,3)

Tall :95k, Grande :99k, Venti :102k

12. Candy Cream Frappuccino

The taste is unique, it’s delicious, you have to try it, order:

– Vanilla Cream Frappuccino

– Blend with Starbucks mini lollipops (there are many flavors of lollipops, it’s up to you what flavor you want)

– Caramel sauce (drizzle and topping)

T :72k, G :77k, V :79k

13. Green Tea Cheese Cream Frappuccino


– Green Tea Cream Frappuccino

– Blend with half New York Cheese Cake

– Salted Caramel Syrup (2,2,3)

– The topping is Whip Cream, the rest of the New York Cheese cake, and Caramel sauce

Tall :108k


Venti :117k

14. Raisin Oat Cream Frappuccino

This drink is filling + refreshing. Order:

– Vanilla Cream Frappuccino

– additional Oatmilk

– Blend with Raisin Oatmeal Scones

– The topping is Whip Cream, leftover Raisin Oatmeal Scones, and Caramel Sauce on top

Tall :97k


Venti :104k

15. Double Caramel Frappuccino

Caramel lovers can try this menu, how to order:

– Salted Caramel Frappuccino

– additional Soy Milk

– blend with Caramel Stroop Waffle

– The topping is Whip Cream, Leftover Caramel Stroop waffle, Caramel Sauce

Tall :85.5k

Grande : 90.5k

Venti :94.5k

16. Violet Drink

This must be according to the recipe to get the Violet color. Order:

– Teavana Iced Tea

– additional milk

– Classic Syrup (3,3,4)

– Creme Base (2,3,3)

(then shake)

– Topping Whip Cream (optional)

Tall : 31k

Grande : 34k

Venti : 36k

17. Cloud vanilla Chesse Frappuccino

How to order:

– Vanilla Cream Frappuccino

– Blend with New York Cheese Cake

– additional soy milk

– put the Whip Cream under the cup, give Caramel Sauce, pour the drink into the cup, for the topping Whip Cream & Caramel Sauce

T :103.5k



18. Vanilla Choco Brownie Frappuccino


-Vanilla Cream Frappuccino

– Blend together Espresso Brownies and Caramel Sauce

– The topping is Whip Cream, remaining Espresso Brownie and Caramel Sauce

Tall :91k

Grande :96k

Venti :99k

19. Safari Green Tea Frappuccino

If you are bored with the usual green tea taste, you can try this menu:

– Green Tea Cream Frappuccino

– Blend with Java Chips

– Caramel Syrup (1,2,2)

– Hazelnut Syrup (1,2,2)

– Topping Whip Cream & Caramel Sauce

Tall :86k

Grande : 90k

Venti :92k

20. Paddle Pop

Very sweet but delicious, Order:

– Mocha Frappuccino

– Shake/blend with Caramel Syrup (2,3,3)

– Dolce Sauce (2,3,3)

– Hazelnut Syrup (2,3,3)

– Topping Whip Cream & Caramel Sauce

Tall :86k

Grande :90k

Venti :92k

21. Cadbury Frappuccino


– Vanilla Cream Frappuccino

– Blend with Java Chips

– Caramel Syrup (1,2,2)

– Topping Whip Cream & Caramel Sauce

Tall 70k, Grande 75k, Venti 78k

22. Twix Frappuccino


– Caramel Java Chip

– blend with hazelnut syrup (1,1,2)

– Mocha Syrup (1,1,2)

– The topping is whip cream, mocha sauce & caramel sauce

Tall 75k

Grande 80k

Venti 84k

23. Mango Milkshake

Usually mango at Starbucks tastes sour, right? If you make a milkshake, it’s sweet, you order:

– mango passion fruit

– additional extra milk

– Dolce sauce (3,4,5)

( on shake )

– topping whip cream & caramel sauce

Tall 68k

Grand 72k

Venti 75k

24. London Fog

It tastes like Black Tea Latte, but it’s sweeter, order:

– Teavana Ice Tea (using English Breakfest)

– Liquid Whip Cream (1,2,3)

– Vanilla Syrup (1,2,3)

– Caramel Syrup (1,1,2)

( shaken then pour into cup, done)

Tall : 37k

Grande : 50k

Venti : 62k

25. Orange Cake Cream Frappuccino

This is a drink at Starbucks that has an orange flavor (so far it’s lemon), the order is:

– Vanilla Cream Frappuccino

– Blend with Prosperity Orange Cake

– Topping whip cream & caramel sauce

Tall 91k

Grande 96k

Venti 98k

26. Sunrise Lemonade (Sparkling Coffee Lemonade)

Those who have gastric disease are not advised to drink this, please order:

– Lemonade Shaken Tea (no tea)

– (Classic Syrup (2,3,4)

– 1 shot espresso (if you want a strong coffee taste, you can add a shot of espresso)

Tall 47k

Grand 50k

Venti 53k

27. Apple Pie Frappuccino

The combination of vanilla and apple flavors, this is delicious, the order is like this:

– Vanilla Frappuccino

– Blend with Apple Juice (buy bottled juice at sbux, give it to the barista)

– Cinnamon powder 1 pump

– Dolce Sauce (1,2,3)

– Topping whip cream & Cinnamon powder

T 85k

G 90k

V 92k

28. Banana Split Frappuccino

This banana & vanilla flavored drink is delicious, you have to try it. Order:

– Vanilla Cream Frappuccino

– Blend with Banana Cake

– Java Chip

– The toppings are whip cream, caramel sauce, mocha sauce and vanilla powder

Tall 103k

Grande 108k

Venti 110k

29. Ferrero Rocher Frappuccino

It’s easy to make, it’s also delicious, order:

– Double Choco Frappuccino

– Blended with Hazelnut Syrup (1,2,2)

The price is Tall 63k, Grande 68k, Venti 71k

30. Lemon Crem Frappuccino

Before ordering, buy bottled lemon juice at Starbucks and give it to the barista, then order:

– Vanilla Cream Frappuccino

– Blend with Lemon juice (add the juice until the lower line)

– Liquid whip cream (1,2,2)

Tall 79k

Grande 94k

Venti 97k

31. Iced Shaken Black Tea

Besides Americano, maybe this drink is suitable for those who are on a diet, because the calories are not too high, order:

– Black Tea

– Liquid whip cream (1)

– Classic Syrup (1,2,3)

If you count the calories, it’s around 200-250 kcal

Tall 25k, Grande 28k, Venti 30k

if you have a sbux card, then there’s a promo/discount that uses the secret recipe, can’t you get the promo/discount?

It depends on the promo, sis, usually it’s more of a discount on the drink, so if you make a secret recipe that has a discount on the drink, it’s just additional and the ingredients aren’t, for example, if you want to order a red velvet frappe, basically vanilla cream is mixed with red velvet cake, only the vanilla is discounted.

There are many that have been ordered frequently. But some have to be shown the recipe first, the problem is that if it’s a secret recipe, everyone can have different additional additions. So it’s safe, just show me the recipe

A complete collection of Starbucks Indonesia Secret Recipes


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