Commonly Used Ways To Reduce PDF Size!


Large PDF files are quite challenging and difficult to upload on websites. In addition, such files are very difficult to email. Therefore, businesses often have to face serious problems because of these problems. Students should also ensure these challenges when submitting their assignments or theses. compress PDF is the most amazing technology that solves the problem of large PDF files. It makes the process of sending or uploading files quite impressive.

Three commonly used methods to reduce pdf size!

Reducing file size is an interesting thing for many people. They are looking for different ways to do it. Indeed, time and again, people reduce file content to reduce file size. This is a very busy and time consuming process. Granted, it can affect file information as well.

Now, the masses don’t have to go through all the content to remove unnecessary from it. PDF Compressor intends to shrink pdf size in seconds. There are various ways to compress PDF which include:

  • Compress pdf Files Through Online Compressor.
  • Reducing Size Using Microsoft Word.
  • Minimize PDF size in Adobe Acrobat Software.

Compress PDF Files Through Online Compressor

You can reduce pdf size without any hassle with online tools by following two to three steps. Users do not need to have excellent technical skills to use the tool compress PDF. It’s quite convenient to use and doesn’t require anything other than a PDF file. Open PDF reducer online after checking internet status. Make sure the PDF file is accessible to you, you can save it on the drive or on the desktop! Now, upload PDF files into PDF compressor for free! You can even choose the option of drag and drop PDF files, upload from GoogleDrive, upload from DropBox or upload by URL.

Compress PDF tool is very efficient and helps to reduce pdf size around 100 kb. The file shrinking process is done quite safely and quickly. Once the file is uploaded, select the file resolution as per your requirement. Now, hit the “Convert File” button and wait for a while. The online pdf compress tool will process your command and reduce the pdf size. It works by clearing cache or clearing junk. The output file is quite easy to download. Tap on the output file and you will get the file saved to your device in no time. Hence, users can share downloaded PDF files with others without any hassle.

Compress PDF Using Microsoft Word

When you want to save the content in PDF format then you choose the Save As option in Microsoft Word. This will offer a very large option for saving the document. Select the PDF option to save the file in PDF file format. However, if you feel that the file size is large, you can reduce it there. You can make sure to reduce the PDF size when using the Save As option in Microsoft Word.

Press the File button and then select the Save As option from the menu. Now select PDF and at the bottom make a selection for the minimum size. Therefore, the saved files will be optimized with a reduced size. The quality of the output file will not disappoint you if you compress PDF using Word.

Minimizing PDF Size in Adobe Acrobat Software

PDF file size can be compressed using Adobe software Acrobat. How to compress PDF in Adobe is quite easy and fast. This includes opening the Adobe software on the device. Now, open the PDF that you want to reduce in size. Select the Document option and then click the button to reduce the file size. For file compatibility, click on Acrobat 8.0 and Then then hit OK. Users can name the modified file as they wish and click on the Save button. Now, the next step includes minimizing the Acrobat window. Now, view the reduced size PDF and use it however you like. Reduce the size of multiple PDF files and save your device space instantly by using this method!

In short

Most often, people hesitate to compress their PDF files in online tools. That’s because they are afraid of the quality of the output file. Previously, such incidents were quite common when users had to suffer due to the pathetic quality of the output files. However, the latest and modern compress PDF tools make sure to keep the file quality well. In addition, user privacy is not compromised at all.

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